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Friday, June 26, 2009

W is for weird

I am sure people think I am weird ... but that is ok - I like weird ...

so - of course I have to do a W post for Wednesday ABC

W is for Weird, and for Wednesday ABC and also for Wrong ... very wrong - which is what describes what I am listening to at the moment ... which just happened to be some sound file I found on the WWW (more W s) ... I was actually finding and adding some songs to that playlist thing on the bottom of one of my other blogs

(I kind of got side-tracked while trying to work out why it wasn't playing "Poles Apart" any more) ... and I have just found some weird Star Trek parody thingy that happened to be about Kirk and Spock doing ... er ... well ... being gay together ...
(so - NO - I DIDN'T add that!)
but I did find a few different versions of "Stairway to Heaven" and a few theme songs, and some other stuff I like, and that wonderfully weird "Star Trekkin'" song by The Firm ... yes - my tastes in music are rather weird too!
The stuff on that particular blog is rather weird too ... which is probably why I put it there - I think I actually called that blog "Huh?" before I put anything on there - I created that blog to test out the new google version of blogger back when google first took over blogger and we didn't have to move our blogs from the old blogger yet ... then later on I decided to actually USE if for something ... so the "something" is a collection of photos of/posts about the kind of things that when one sees them, the first thought that comes to mind is "huh?"

The other weird thing is that DD (teenage Dear Daughter) came in here and is now "helping" me ... so - the really weird part - on her "orders" we are now listening to "Star Trekkin'" for the 3rd time in a row ... lol

W is also for washing ... which DD also Wants me to do some of (actually I have washed what needs to be washed - her Work uniform - but it is still sitting in the Washing basket Waiting until I get around to hanging it out!)

yes - w is also for Whenever ... Which seems to be the time a lot of things get done around here ...

W is also for water ... which reminds me ... I Was going to go get a drink (and some dinner!) a While ago but got lot on the WWW instead ... Water is also What lakes and rivers and oceans are made of ... and what one can swim in and float boats on ... and in the case of the sea - what has Waves to surf on ... I like messing about in/on/near the sea ... or even any other nice body of water (so Why do I live so far from the beach?!)

W is also for Work ... and DH is just about to finish work (he Works Weird hours) and if I don't hurry up with this he Will find me still here When he gets home ... lol

hmmm - my thoughts got Way laid ... I Was talking about Weird still ...

Weird also describes a lot of the quilty and crochet stuff I make ... some of which is on this blog, and some more of which will (might?) eventually get put on here When I get around to it ...

Sometimes I also blog about other weird stuff I do, and weird stuff I see, and weird stuff I find on the Weird, Wild and Wonderful World Wide Web ...

W is also for Words ... which there seem to be rather a lot of in this post ... and no pictures ...

I Wonder What I can find ...

somewhere I have some photos of Worms - but because I can't be bothered looking for those right now I will spare you those ...

hmmm some weird song comes to mind ... something I used to sing at school, and mum used to sing at school ... and probably her mum too ... but I am not sure I remember the exact words ... or if it even has EXACT words - most of those things have a few different versions ...

"nobody loves me,
everybody hates me,
I think I will go and eat worms

big fat slimy ones,
little short skinny ones,
see how the squiggles and squirms

nobody knows
how well you can live
on worms 3 times a day"

ahh ... found a Weird photo ... a good "What is this?" one:

yes ... Weird, but rather pretty ... Which is often the case With some of the odd things I have at Work ... Which is Where this is.

so .. what is it?

- a pile of glass rods, lying (drying) on a couple of cleaning cloths (the sort made from recycled rag/threads of some sort) after I washed the messy globs of Wax off them (which had been put on there by students as part of the science practical lesson they were using them for).

anyway ... time to do some house Work ... the Washing Won't hang itself up ... sigh ...

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  1. Thank you for sharing your weird wednesday. I thought your close up of the glass rods was one of those huge cathedral columns at first. (Doesn't take much to fool me). Very pretty.


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