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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Build it, and they will come"

... the title of this post is a quote from some movie I saw once ... quite a weird movie, but also one I liked, if I remember rightly ... I think it was called "Field Of Dreams" ... anyway ... it seemed like a good title for this blog post, which isn't about the movie, or what the movie was about, or anything to do with the movie ... except for the bit where someone says "Build it, and they will come". (actually I just looked it up here and it says the quote is "If you build it, he will come" ... but I am sure I have heard it quoted (and/or mis-quoted) all sorts of ways, for all sorts of things).

What ... I am typing a blog post?! ...

shock! horror! - yes - I am actually POSTING something on my blog!!! - LOL

A few weeks ago I went to the National Gallery to have a look at an exhibition (called Soft Sculpture) ... and to "suss out" the poles to see where my bit of crocheting (if I finish it in time) is going to be hung - yes - I am going to have something on exhibit at the National Gallery ... but not IN the gallery - it will be ON the gallery! - as part of this installation that is happening in ... eek! - a couple weeks time. (hmmm - I had better get a wiggle on and finish my weird bit of crochet)

Anyway ... I took this photo:

no the ball shaped thingy isn't a UFO floating by ... it is actually a metal sculpture, and it is hanging from several wires between a couple of buildings, high up, right over the middle of a road.

I think it has been there for years, but I was taking photos and thought this would be an interesting one ... then I noticed something IN the ball - which made an even more interesting photo:

yes - a bird's nest! ... probably a magpie, from the size and messy appearance it has.
What a great "penthouse appartment" for a bird - high up, almost impossible to get to if you don't have wings, 360 degree views, stable place to build the nest on with a protective screen around the outside - perfect! LOL


  1. That is so cool, and with all the trees getting in sgorter supply a bird has to do what a bird has to do.. great shot.

  2. Rather exclusive real estate!


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