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Wednesday, August 05, 2009


hmmm - it is Wednesday again already ... time to post about the letter C for ABC Wednesday!

C is for ...

Crochet - which I was going to post about last time we were up to C, but I had not got around to organising the photos I wanted to take ... hmmm - I still have not done that - so maybe Crochet will have to be next time we get around to the letter C? LOL

(besides - 2 other reasons not to do it this time - 1: I have a Couple of other C things I can post about and 2: I don't have time to write the big long post that I want to write about Crochet ... lol)

so ...

what else is C for?

Comments on people's blogs - I tend to write some odd things on other peoples blog posts - lol

... like when someone mentioned about how her guests did not eat the chocolate slice because the chocolate was "too dark" (aparently it was milk chocolate, good quality stuff) so I wrote this:

"I would have eaten the chocky slice!... light, dark, whatever - if it is chocolate I like it - LOL

In fact the only time I ever don't eat chocolate is if some silly person puts MINT in it!- mint goes on lamb roast, or maybe in mint tea or somesuch, NOT with chocolate!"

and yes - Chocolate is another thing that starts with C - LOL

hmmm - I have often thought - what a pity one can't e-mail real stuff like chocolate slice ... sigh ... (actually there was once that I made some chocolate truffle thingys for supper for some meeting, and the person whose house the meeting was meant to be at had to cancel it - so I took a photo of the chocolate thingys and e-mailed her a picture of what she missed out on ;-) ... then I made her some more and took them next time I went to visit her)

C is also for cheating - I wrote the first part of this blog post (the bit above this line) last night while I was in here posting my B post (a Bit late - lol)

C is also for Creative - which is what a lot of members of Canberra Quilters are - this afternoon I was helping hang up the quilts for the quilt show (which is part of the Craft show) that is on, here in Canberra, for the next 4 days - and, judging by the number of wonderful quilts we have this year, there are a lot of very Clever people in Canberra Quilters.

... I entered things in a few Catagories ... including a Couple of bags in the Creative Clothing Catagory ... (how Cunning of me to find all these C words - lol).

I didn't make a "Crazy quilt" - but most people probably think my quilts are pretty Crazy ... I know I am rather Crazy ... lol

hmmm - maybe I should include a photo of my Challenge quilt ... the theme was "In Your Dreams" ... most people made quilts depicting things they dream of - but I decided to be Completely different and do one depictiong what I dream WITH - brain Cells!

... trouble is ... the aforementioned photo of my Challenge quilt is still on the memory Card in the Camera ... and the Couple of USB ports on the front of the Computer seem to have external hard drives Connected to them, and I am not sure if I can be bothered unplugging stuff/etc ... nor can I be bothered walking down to the bedroom to get the Camera, and the Cable for it ... lol

er ... I posted about last year's Challenge quilt - ... and there IS a photo (or 4) in that post - lol

but - I am not sure if I ever posted photos of any of my other Challenge quilts (they have the challenge every year, and I have made quite a few of them ... probably done one each year since the first time I did one - I kind of Can't resist a Challenge - at least not a Creative one - LOL)

ok ok ok ... I went and got the Camera and the Cable ...

jeepers Creepers! - there are a LOT of photos on that memory Card!

I uploaded August first (I also have some from June and July on it - there were only a Couple of hundred photos for each month! ... the joys of having a 2GB memory card in there - lol)

Anyway ... this is my 2009 Challenge quilt:

it is also a rather Cruddy photo ... lol

(I will have to try and take a better one on the weekend, if I Can find time in between all the rostered shifts I am doing, and the bit of shopping/whatever I want to go and do down among the Craft stalls - I probably don't have enough Cash to buy too much ... but then I don't need to buy much so if I don't spend more than a few dollars then I won't need to put anything on the Credit Card - lol)

Crikey I have some odd photos on that memory Card ... I forgot about all the ones I took when some of the male staff at the school I work at let some students give them a hair Cut! - actually it was a shave rather than a Cut - one of those shave your head to raise money for someone with Cancer thingys ...

Oh ... and I also should include at least one Crochet photo - this one:

Actually, most of it is knitting, but some of it is crochet ... it is on the poles at the front enterance of the National Gallery of Australia (the one that has "Blue Poles" hanging in it) ... and one of the bits of crochet stuff on the poles (marked with the bright green arrow) is mine! - well - of course I had to contribute something for that! - how could I resist it? - the chance to have something of mine exhibited at the National Gallery ... we don't need to mention that it is ON the gallery, not actually IN the gallery (but it is only a few metres from a Monet painting, and not much further from Blue Poles ;-)

btw there are a few more pictures of those poles etc here and here

(and there are a few other related posts on her blog as well)

Anyway ... I think I have probably Covered the letter C fairly well now?

I Could include a photo of the Cat ... but I won't - lol

(there are a pile on my blog already, and probably even more here ;-)

btw ... my surname starts with a C ... just thought you might want to know that ... lol


  1. Did you read about the chocolate covered scorpions then? And would you eat those?
    You've got a fantastic array of c's in your post. Well done...

  2. Oh I love those poles and how marvelous to be part of it. Craft and chocolate, whats not to like. Great post.

  3. that's quite a long post!

    love your C's, though, especially chocolates!

  4. Tons of Cs in there, alright! I love the Challenge Quilt.

    Comments are very important to bloggers, without them, there is no feedback, no community. I welcome odd comments on mine! Perhaps that's because I'm a little odd?

    On behalf of the team, thanks for taking part in ABC Wednesday this week!

  5. Love your collection of C's. Quite a fun read...


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