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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

fe fi fo fun

... or is that Phi Phi Pho thumb?
why phi twice - well - it can be pronounced as "fee" or "fi" (rhyming with eye) ... pho is Vietnamese soup ... and my thumb is one of Five digits on my hand ...
F is for Five, but what has phi got to do with Five? ... quite a bit apparently -

my mind is prone to Flights of Fancy ... LOL

I could have some Fun with Fibbonacci [or however one spells that]

I have started this ABC Wednesday F post almost a Fortnight early ... I happened to "Fink" of a Few ideas ... so I will File this away For now ...

hmmm - should I be Funny and set this to post automatically - so people will Find it here, Finished or not?

or do I want to wait a while and have another Fiddle with it (I might Find something else Fancy to Fascinate you all with?)

I guess I could have the good Fortune to "Fink" of or Find something else and Finish this beFore the date it is meant to go out ... maybe even a "Foto" or Four?

and if it goes out un Finished I could always Fiddle with it later ... if I Felt like it ...

so if I File it under "post later" or whatever (set so it should go out at Five past Five in the morning ;-) - then it will either go out un Finished ... or I might come back and rave on about Fabric or Feathers or Fur or Felt or Fibre or somesuch ...
(I Find all of those things Fascinating! ... and I use them all to make things, some Fine and/or Fantastic and some just plain Feral)
... and I have not even mentioned Fairys and Fae and Flying things (like Fruit bats and Flying Foxes)

hmmm - I wonder if this will go online before I write my E post? LOL ... actually it might even go live before my D post if I forget to log back in and Finish that tomorrow!
(I was going to do that now but it kind of got late and I still have to Find all the photos For it and probably Fiddle with a Few of them)

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