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Monday, September 27, 2010

Just a bit weird ...

... but I like weird ;-)

which could be why I like all those old TV shows that Julius Sumner Miller did ... I guess that as a kid I also wondered "why is this so?" LOL (and yes - I still like science ;-)
 ... but what has that got to do with weird? - well - he was a bit of an oddball ... but he would have been a rather interesting person to meet.
But why am I posting about him?  - well - I was trying to thing of something to post for the letter J for ABC Wednesday ... and I was catching up with putting some photos on the computer (the lot I am doing at the moment are from the middle of July!) when I found some photos that I took at the Cadbury chocolate factory (yum yum - lol) - they had a display with a pile of (rather peculiar but very interesting) letters that Julius Sumner Miller had sent them, and among them was this recipe for baked beans ...

(I don't think it is copyright or anything ... and it is there on public display)

I don't think I will ever bother with cooking my baked beans that way ... it is way easier to Just open a can and microwave them while the toast is cooking - lol

Also ... Just because I felt like adding it to this post - is a photo of a rather interesting tree:

I took the photo late in the afternoon, near some blowhole south of Hobart (but not the one on the way to Port Arthur - we went there the next day - this one was down the other way ... I could work out where if I dug out the map, but I am not doing that at almost 4am ...  not when I should have gone to bed 3 or 4 hours ago!)

This was near the other blowhole - the one that IS on the way to Port Arthur ...

but it is not right next to that blowhole, it is actually at the tesselated pavement (which is a rather interesting rock formation at a beach a few km up the road).

(hmmm - maybe I could post a photo of that when we are up to the letter T ... along with a few other photos I Took in Tasmania? lol)

btw, the other day (before I found that J photo) I think I was thinking of writing a post about how one should not use the word "Just" as often as we do ... like when someone makes a really nice quilt or other hand made item/work of art and says it is "Just a 9patch" or "Just a log cabin quilt" or "Just something I threw together" ... or "Just a painting I did" or "Just some poem I wrote" or "Just a photo I took" ... it is not JUST anything ... it is something you have created (or in the case of those who say "I Just did ... " when they have done something nice/good - it is something nice/good you have done) - so it should stand alone and be counted on it's own merit - you don't need to JUSTify it - lol
... Just thought I should say that ... lol

er ... I now have Just a few hours until I have to be up again ... I might Just get enough sleep to tide me over until tomorrow night ... (it is a good thing that I will Just be a passenger, rather than the driver, on my Journey tomorrow - lol)

goodnight ...

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