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Monday, October 11, 2010

A Little bit of this and a Little bit of that ...

"... and you wiggle your ..."  oh hang on ... that is the chicken dance - and I am not doing that right now - lol
(I am not sure it has any official lyrics ... but there seem to be lots of different ones that come up in a search ... but I just remember what Mum and Dad - who have been known to get up and do the chicken dance in public without even having to have their grandkids around at the time sometimes sing - "With a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, and you wiggle your bum" actually it was Dad who would sing it and Mum would pretend to be a bit shocked at him being a bit rude - lol)

but ... to get to the point (if there ever IS any point to most of my blog posts?) ... I have been sitting here getting Lost in cyberspace while uplaoding a pile of photos onto the computer (and the darn camera software seems to be having a go slow lately ... even re-starting the computer did not fix it)  and I thought maybe while I am here I probably should post something to my blog, seeing I have not done my L post for ABC Wednesday yet (and in a couple days it will be time for the Letter M)

... and while I am here I will maybe even do something I have been meaning to do for months and Lose that Light coloured background - which is   was  a nice Light blue with a Lovely sky picture, but, for a few people at Least (possibly even Lots of people?) it is not the easiest thing to read my blog on top of ...

but what should I put there instead? LOL

I think my text (and everything else for that matter!) would get Lost among these Leaves:

The weird brown flower is a Banksia ... still in the process of flowering. There were Lots of them growing along the paths near Mum and Dad's place when I was up there visiting them (that is where I have been for the last couple of weeks - up in Queensland ;-)

These weird pink and green Leaves were also up near my parents place:

... somewhere in a garden in their street, I think.

these sunflowers were also nearby:

There is not much Left of the one on the Left - Mum has a similar photo to this, but the bird (I think it was a parrot) was still on there eating the seeds from it ... it has Left a weird, but rather cute, heart shaped patch of seeds in the middle (maybe it Left those for Later?)

I Like the Legs on this Lovely spider:

The spider was a Little way away from where I took the Leafy photo.

btw - you should (if things work like they normally do) be able to click the photo (and any other photo in this blog post) for a Larger one if you Like - LOL (but I bet most people don't click the spider one!)

To me, the veins on this Leaf (not Lettuce - it was cauliflower - lol) look more gruesome than spiders Legs:

 ... but that didn't stop me eating it ;-)
(the veins kind of Look all Lumpy - like on some creature in a B grade sci fi movie or something ... but I actually ate that leaf just after I took the photo, and it tasted Lovely ... so did the thing Mum cooked with some of the cauliflower in it, when we ate it Later)

I also took this photo of a Lily and its Leaf - in Mum and Dad's new fish pond

 a very Little fish pond actually ... but it was the deepest one they could find at the time (their garden is only Little so they couldn't really build a huge great Lake or anything).

Mum and I went walking along a beach one morning and found some pelicans waiting for some Lunch

the table thingy is where the fishermen clean their fish (there is a boat ramp just to the Left) - the pelicans know where to come and wait for some Lunch ;-)

I Love the colours on this Little beasty - not something many people Like - a Bluebottle - which has a nasty sting!

I also Like the Little holes in the sand (from where air bubbles were as the waves washed up the beach and back - and Left this poor Little creature high and dry, where it won't Live for Long)

"Leave only footprints"?

yes - my footprint, and some more weird bubbly marks where the waves had been.

Let's get a bit more? "arty farty"?

I had to Lie down on the beach to get the right camera angle!
(I am sure anyone who was Looking would have been Laughing at me)
I think a storm is Looming? (actually it was just a very light shower of rain that came - and it was not as big as I had hoped it would be - I Like swimming in the rain!)

I also Like the colours I got in this photo:

"quick - Let's dive under the water so we don't get rained on ..."?

I seem to have a Lot of watery photos - but I guess water IS a Liquid ...

I think this ship got a bit Lost:

it is the wreck of the ship that the beach is named after - Dicky Beach  - "Dicky" is a weird name for a ship - lol

there is not much Left of it now ...

I took this photo (and the ones after it) a couple days Later:

it is amazing what a difference one can get with different Light for one's photos

I also Like to get right into what I am doing:

(yes those are my toes - and yes - I was IN the water for a Lot of these photos - I Like my clever Little waterproof camera!)

I also Like the fact that the Lifesavers are there to Look after those Lunatic tourists (and possibly a few odd Locals) who Like to Leap into the water on days Like this!

it was getting Late in the day when I took those Last few photos - soon after this the Life savers packed up and Left for the day ... and I Left too ... not swimming once the Lifesavers had taken their flags and gone was one of the things in the List on that sign, and also - I figured DH (who was reading a book in the car) might Like to go back to my parents place in time for tea!

and ... this is now a rather Long post (maybe I should have called it a Lot of stuff, rather than a little bit ...)  
Maybe I should Leave it as it is and go do something useful?

... except I am still Loading photos onto the computer, and I don't want to Lose track of where I am up to - LOL

(and I might find another good L one?! ;-)

ok ... now the only photos not on the computer are the ones on the card in the camera ... I was going to do those but I have other things to do before I go to bed, so that Lot will have to wait until tomorrow, or sometime.
- for some odd reason DH wants me to actually take up the hems on the 2 new pairs of jeans he bought, so he can wear them to work instead of his old worn out ones with holes in the pockets ... not sure what the rush is - they have only been sitting waiting for me to do it for about 5 weeks - LOL
(yes - I guess I sometimes Like to Leave things for Later - lol)

but ... one thing I did do while I was in here was to Loose that Light background on my blog ... well, it is not actally Lost as such - I just replaced the Link (to the background image) with a different one, and I could find and put the other one back if I really wanted to ... I threw some other photo up online (on the same photo website the other one was on) and stuck a link to that one in the widget thingy instead ... my original plan was to do something similar to what was here (if you want to know what that was, and how I did it, this post on one of my other blogs describes how I did it, and that blog still has the same background that this one did have until today), but I was going to do it with a different coloured and hopefully more interesting photo and a darker background behind the text, but it could take me a while to work out exactly how I did it and make an image that was the right size/etc again (having different image editing software than I used back then doesn't help!) - so for now you will have to live with what is there - which for most people will probably be the same as I get - the top bit of a bigger than it needed to be photo of the dark sky that was above the sea when I took those photos of my swim in the surf.

anyway - I have to go back to work in the morning, and I still have those jeans to hem ... and it is getting has got rather Late ...

but ... here is one more photo that I almost forgot to add  - Last (but not Least) is the Lizard I almost stepped on yesterday morning!

Looks like he/she is Looking at me ... I kind of don't blame it for keeping an eye on me - it was probably happily minding its own buisness at the bottom of Black Mountain, when this whole Lot of Lunatics came tramping along the track on an annual wildflower walk ... and one Lunatic with a camera (me ;-) Lunged off into the bush and almost stood on it! ... Luckily I was sort of looking to make sure I didn't step on any rare orchids or other such thing (there were rather a lot - that was what we were walking around looking at - lol) so I did not quite step on it ... but I must have almost - because the first thing I noticed was when I heard it rustle as it ran out from the bunch of grassy stuff I was stepping over ... it probably stayed where it was in the photo until everyone had gone past - it stayed there looking at me for a few minutes while I took some photos of it, and the red flowers on a nearby grevillia plant, and it was still there when I walked off to take photos of some orchids and a whole heap of other things ... at least one of which has a name that starts with an L ... but I might have to do a whole other post about wildflowers and put some of the photos in there.
- I think I took a few ... HUNDRED ... photos on that walk!!!
(there was room for over a hundred photos on the memory card that I had in the camera, and I filled that up fairly quickly and then took a lot more photos on the card that is now in the camera!)

oops - time to stop getting  Lost in cyberspace and go do those jeans hems ... Luckily that should not take too Long to do. (I seem to have had a Lot of practice at taking up jeans hems - sigh)

btw - anyone actually reading this stuff will probably think I have Lost my mind and belong in a Lunatic assylum ... hmmm - a lovely holiday in a nice soft room - I could Live with that ... for a Little while ... until I find out they won't Let me have my crochet hooks or sewing stuff in there ...


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