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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Mad Mind

We (and there seem to be More and More of us every week!) are up the the letter M for ABC Wednesday ... and I just happen to have something that Might do for My M post! (providing I remember to take a decent photo of it ... or Maybe I Might be able to actually find the one I took when i finished it? ... yep - found that one ;-)

I actually Made this Miniature quilt for a challenge, over a year ago (almost 2 years ago actually) but I finished it just before I delivered it (probably a day or maybe even an hour before - the photo was taken on the front porch of the house I was delivering it to) and it has been travelling around (and then possibly sitting forgotten for a while until I remembered to ask about it, because I did not supply a return envelope for it to be sent back - because I live a couple of suburbs away from the person who ran the challenge) and I only just got it back a week or so before I headed off on holidays (Meaning I got it back about 3 weeks ago).

er ... where was I?

We (those of us who signed up for the challenge) were all given a small bit of fabric (the yellow bit on My quilt) which we were Meant to use all or some of in the quilt, there was a set size it had to be (or maybe it was just a maximum size - can't remember offhand - either way it was quite small) and the theme for the challenge was a self portrait ... but I figured who would want to look at a picture of Me?!
(that - and I am almost totally useless at drawing people/faces ... although I did do an A4 sized quilt a year or so before this one, that was Meant to be a self portrait of sorts - but it ended up looking more like someone reading My e-Mails/blog Might imagine Me than what the real Me actually looks like)

so ... because we were allowed to interpret the theme any way we liked - I decided that instead of doing a picture of the outside of my head - why not do one of the INSIDE?!

The quilt is meant to look like the top of my head (that green thing at the bottom ;-) exploding with all sorts of weird stuff ...
... and the title of this blog post is what I named my quilt - "My Mad Mind"

I Might even be able to remember what some of that junk I sewed on there Meant:

A "fried" (as in it kind of died a sad death, taking a bunch of My photos with it!)  Memory card (for my camera) - because I think I have the same problem sometimes - lol

some nuts - because I am nuts.

a few loose screws - because I am "a few screws loose"

some fuzzy yarn - for fuzzy logic ... or is that just fuzzy thoughts?

some light bulbs - for ideas ... not sure if the light bulbs work - ditto with some of my ideas ;-)

a fuse ... for when I blow one

an odd corner (probably something used/made for scrapbooking or something) - my mind has lots of odd corners!

some stars ... probably because I like space, and we are all made of stardust ... and we probably all dream of visiting and/or being stars?

a spring ... er ... my spring has sprung? ... cartoons often show springs flying out of a car/machine/etc when it breaks down ... the inside of my mind probably looks even worse ...

a cross, from a broken necklace DD had lying around - to represent faith and spirituality and religion and the whole "why are we here?" thing that I often think/wonder about.

a few other assorted dingy dangly things etc ... probably no particular reason/etc - just stuff I found in my stash, and liked, and figured it would look good if I put it/them on the quilt.

... that last lot includes a snail I made by embroidering eyes on stalks above a shell - I like all sorts of odd creepy crawlies and other weird creatures.

there is also some copper wire, some wound into springy looking things ... I think that and the light emitting diode (the little green light) were kind of meant to stand for faulty wiring and short circuits and stuff - I am sure there is some of that kind of thing going on in my brain/mind at times!
(even as a child I used to wonder why I seemed to be "wired differently" to other people ... as I have got older it is good to see I am not the only one ... although I think I still am "one of a kind" ;-)

There is probably other stuff on there that Might have Meant to Mean something ... but now that you can see what sort of Mess is in My Mind - sometimes a few things kind of get lost in there ... or fall out of the holes (or into black holes?) or something ...

btw, I did some Meandering lines of Machine quilting before I sewed on the bits of stuff ...

pity I finished it so "at the last Minute" - I really should/could have done a better job of the binding (I think I stretched it too Much as I was Machine sewing it on so now it looks like a total Mess) ... but I really had a lot of fun Making the rest of that quilt!
... I Might have to do More of that kind of thing - lol

textile art meeting - it wasn't worth going home in between work and the meeting because I would only have been home for less than an hour before it was time to head off again, and drive back past work to get to the meeting - lol
... I actually got organised and typed most of this blog post, and added the photo, a few days before it was time to post it ... which is why I can post it now, when I am not actually at home - lol
- I am at work ... but I am not wasting the boss's time - my "knock off time" was over an hour ago ... but I stayed here because I had a pile of old e-mail to delete, this blog post to publish, and I a couple other things I wanted to do before I head off to a

... but ... I DO have a couple of things I need to do before I walk out the door, and if I don't go and do them now I will be late for the textile art meeting ...

talking about My Mad Mind ... Most of what I just wrote is probably a perfect example of why people probably think I am "Mad as a Meataxe"
(Not to Mention Nutty as a Fruitcake ... but N is Next week ... )


  1. looks like an aerial shot of a miniature golf course!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team.

  2. I'd hate anyone to see inside my head ;-)

  3. I must say that is different, I enjoyed reading about your Mad Mind. I think we are all a little Mad Minded some of the time. Cute story.

  4. What a very cool project. Makes me want to go out and start one myself!

  5. Thats a lovely story, and one I can easily relate to.......I would have a bigger mess if I tried to show My mind.
    BTW I camped at Dickey Beach about 40 years ago. It was our first trip to Queensland ( I live in Queensland now , just about an hour drive from Dickey Beach) We camped in a tent, had a wonderful time. The camp site is now a caravan park. Cheers, Margaret P.


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