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Monday, January 31, 2011

Birds and Bees and Beetles and Bugs and Butterflies and Bark and a Basket and Bob

... Because they are all B things that I found in my photos and realised I could Bung in here for my B post for ABC Wednesday ... The sort of all vaguely relate to each other (well I say they do, so therefore they do ;-)

Now I just have to find them all again, and upload the B#$^$%^ things to Blogger ... LOL

(I found a few others Besides those I originally was thining of too - so I had to add a couple more words to the title of this post ;-)

I won't be putting in as many photos as I did in the Arachinid one that is Before this one though ... (well ... I don't think I will ... lol)

Btw ... These won't be in the order I mentioned them in the subject line ... most of them might Be in the order I took them, But there might Be some that are not ;-)

First (Because I took this one Back in Febuary and most of the others are a Bit more recent) I have a photo of some tree Bark:

which I think looks wonderful Because the rain has wet the Bark and Brought out the colours.

A grass Basket (Bowl?) that I made early in the year at some basketry/grass sculpture workshop thingy at the museum.

At the same place (Before the Basket I think) I also made a Bird out of grass and sticks But I don't have a decent photo of that ... But I can take one of that later Because I do still have the Bird (I don't still have the Basket - I used it as a Bird's nest in the tree in that Garden Tea Party textile are exhibition and the tree was being donated to decorate a primary school library - and I figured the nest belonged in the tree so when we were packing it all up, I took a cople of photos of it and donated it ... if I want another one all I have to do is find some grass/hay/whatever, some string, a needle, a Bit more red/etc fabric (that bit is optional I guess ;-) and a comfy spot to sit outside where I can make a mess, and an hour or 2 of spare time ;-)

Bean pods on a tree ... not sure exactly what sort of trees - whatever species they planted as street trees in our street, and quite a few other streets nearby.

I liked the colour of these. They start off green and usually they just seem to go dark brown when they get old ... hmmm - maybe the trees in our street are a slightly different variety than the older ones a few streets away, that have been growing pods for longer than the ones in our street?

Bob, the sponge

I have a friend who likes a certain popular cartoon character, so for his birthday I made this ... er ... replica ... from a bit of sponge and pipe cleaners and felt ... weirdest pair of pants I have ever sewn - LOL

Beetle on a post:

if I didn't have so many photos I would have included a photo of what was hiding on the other side of the same post - a Huntsman - LOL  (He might end up in an ABC Wednesday letter H post, if I get around to that ;-)

A puff Ball:

A Bedraggled Butterfly

A Black Beetle

On my finger ;-)

Beetle Bum:

(this is what often happens when I try to take photos of Beetles, or Bugs etc - I often end up with a Backside, or just a Bit of the Beetle/Bug ... or the photo is Blurry ...)

 Bug on Banksia leaf

Buzzing Bee

Blurry, But I like the feeling of movement with the Barely there wings ...

Bubbles in a Beaker

Quite pretty really ... (not sure you will agree once you know what they are ;-)

Bottles and Beaker ...  (same Beaker the above Bubbles are in)

 This is fake urine, made for a science class to do a forensics practical lesson ... made with urea and yellow food dye, among other things, and some have egg white in them - was supposed to be powdered albumin (the protien that egg whites are made of) but I didn't have any - so fresh egg white was the next best thing ... it did the job fine ... But it made Bubbles in the "pee"... LOL

Lady Beetle

somewhere in Tasmania.

 Big Boulders on a Beach

(also in Tasmania.)

A video of Birds:

(one of the several things I have recently added to youtube ;-)

The same Bird - a crow - who was being pestered by those 2 Willy Wagtails until it flew away to this tree:

however it flew away from this tree just as I clicked the photo! Bother! LOL
(actually in this case I quite like the result)

Birds having a dust Bath

But looking a Bit wary Because they could see me.

Bug on the Back of my hand:

glad it is not as Bitey as it looks ... that pointy dangerous looking Bit is actually a sticking out leg - lol

Birds having fun on a fence

there were about 8 of them ... some kind of parrot.

More Birds:

another kind of parrot - sulphur crested cockatoos ... looking white against the blue sky, but not as white as they could have looked if they had not been so brown and dirty looking - lol

Beetles making more Beetles

(different beetles, and different day, than a similar photo in a previous post ... but might be the same bush in my garden ;-)

Bonkers looking Bird nest:

not sure if this is finished, unfinished, or falling to Bits - but look at all the odd Bits of stuff in it! LOL

Bug on the Back of my hand:

itty Bitty Bug.

Another Bizarre Beetle:

same beetle, different angle:

Butterly on some Blossom

another Butteryly with different Blossom

Yet another Black Beetle:

This one was at a friend's place on Christmas day.

While I was digging around in my youtube videos - I realised I had another Bird video:

... not that you can really see the Birds - but you can hear them ;-)

I also found this Bug video that I took a year or 3 ago:

I found it on something, picked it up, took a photo or 3 of it on my finger/hand, then put it on the post to take more pictures and it laid a dozen eggs - LOL

Boy I have a lot of photos of Birds and Bugs and Beetles and stuff ... and that lot is all just last year's photos!

Maybe just 2 or 3 from this year?

A Beetle with a wolf spider:

(yes I know - any excuse for more spider photos ;-)

A Banksia plant at the Botanic Garden:

yes - really weird, but quite Beautiful.
And ... last but not least - I found another excuse to include yet another spider photo ... I took this one a few nights ago - and can include it here Because this post title starts with "Birds and Bees ..." and - these 2 spiders are Bonking!

Yes - I think it is female on the left and male on the right - I can sort of see one of his palps reaching out to (or maybe even into) her ... I saw this while out walking the dog at around Midnight a few nights ago - as I was walking along the path I could see yet another Orb spider web in a tree - "oh goody - another spider to try and get a decent photo of" ... then I noticed "oh goody - there are 2 spiders in that web, I wonder if one is a male" (usually it is the female who builds the web ... I think) and then my question was answered because they ran toward each other did a bit of a high 5 with a few feet and flung their arms around each other and stayed like that for the few minutes it took for me to take about a dozen photos - LOL (most were blurry but one or 2 came out ok ;-)

Hmmmmmm - talking about birds (not that I was) ... lots of twittering outside, and it is getting light - maybe I had better go to bed!!!
(I tend to sort of change time zones when I am on holidays and don't have to get up in the mornings ... and I seem to do it even more when DH is also doing night shifts every few days - LOL ... I am going to have to change back to this time zone in the next day or so though - because I have to go Back to work on Friday ... sigh ...
By the way ... Blogger is Botching up the photo layout again ... But it is not too Bad so it can stay as it is for now ...

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