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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

er ... have I really been doing this for 6 years?!

It seems a few bloggers i know have been having their "Bloggerveraries" in the last few days ...

Chloe's Place  started blogging on Jan 7th 2005 ... and on Jan 9 2004
so ... that got me curious enouth to look how long I have been blogging - so I went and had a look when my first post was  - hmmm - Jan 11 2005 ... !??!!! - turns out I started my first blog 6 years ago today! (well - it is "tomorrow" when I wrote the first half if this, but it is now "today" when I am about to post this ... just figured I would write most of it now/then (er this is getting got confusing) so it is done ... but the "most" turned out to be less than half because I kept raving on about all sorts of stran stuff, as usual  ;-)

6 years?! - how the heck can it be that long ago? ... where has the time gone?!  (probably into that black hole that swallows most of my time when I sit in front of the computer screen - lol)

so ... as I just said on a comment on one of those 2 blogs - I guess that means I should post something here - lol

This is what else I said in that comment ... and half way through the last bit I realised "why am I writting this here and not on my OWN blog?"  lol

I tend to be a bit slack and sometimes go a month or more between posts if life gets in the way, but I like blogging because it is somewhere to write a diary of sorts ... oddly enough, I have never been the sort to keep a diary in a book, but I love having a blog to put things on when I feel the need to record them ... just a pity that half the things I have wanted to record in my blog were such wonderful sounding blog posts ... in my head - lol - I often think of things to blog while I am out and about (often when walking the dog and have time to think ;-) but then I don't seem to get time to actually post them (or sometimes I write part of the post, but have not yet put the photos onto the computer so I kind of don't get back to finish them later - lol)

er ... I should be writing all this on MY blog - LOL

so - here I am writing this ... (with a couple hours break in the middle while I watched a TV show with DH [Dear Husband] and then cooked my tea ... didn't need to cook him anything - he has gone to work and wasn't hungry before he left ... and if he had been hungry - he probably would have cooked, as usual ;-)

Oddly enough - I think I am still blogging for the same reasons I was when I started - a blog seemed like a good place to put stuff I felt like writing (and/or already was writing in e-mails and comments on other blogs) and it seemed like a good place to post a few other things I had in mind (some of which I STILL have not got around to posting here, or anywhere else - oops?) and ... well ... quite frankly - I will talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime ... and it doesn't nescessarily stop me if nobody is actually listening ... LOL
Funny thing is ... at least one or 2 people actually ARE reading my blog ... I am not sure why you are reading this one when there are so many others out there - but I am glad I am providing you some entertainment ;-)

I suppose I had better link to my first post on here ... seems I have not changed in the last 6 years - still as weird now as I was back then ... LOL
I think I also should do something momentous or something to celebrate - trouble is ... what sort of momentous thing AM I meant to do for a "blogiversary"?

(if anyone has any great ideas - I might have to think about it for my 300th post or something? lol)

hmmmm, seeing I missed posting at 1 year, 2 years etc ... and even 5 years ... and also missed the other things some blogs celebrate - my 100th post and 200th post and 250th post  - maybe just actually POSTING something here more often than once every week or 10 is enough?

maybe not ...

Something warm and fuzzy?

well ... it IS fuzzy, and it probably was warm seeing it was on a cement path on a sunny day ;-)

Ok ... I went away and did stuff, and came back and got side-tracked uploading videos to youtube - so far none to go here - because they are for a possible future post ... maybe a D post for ABC Wednesday ... which seems to be what most of my blog posts have been for in the last couple of years ... although I may have posted about most of those things anyway - the ABC Wednesday thing is just a good excuse to post about a few odd things at the same time, and it was meant to be a good excuse for me to try and do at least 1 blog post/week ... but it only sort of half worked sometimes - LOL

btw ... a few things have changed since I started blogging ... uploading pictures, and videos, is way easier ... first time I put a photo in I had to put it somewhere on the www and link to it ... then the "somewhere" died and I had to go back and edit about 10 posts to put the pictures back in! ... now I can just upload photos here ... and videos ... or I can put videos on youtube and get to them from in here and add them with a couple of mouse clicks ;-)
oh - and there is a button to do this not sure how long it has been there ... this is the first time I have used it - I worked out how to do it with html a few years ago and have been doing it that way ever since ... LOL
(even though I have noticed the button there before - the last couple of times I did it I forgot there was a button until after I had put the html tags in myself - lol)

anyway ... now it is after Midnight ... so now it IS the 11th - so it IS my "bloggerversary" or whatever you like to call it ... and sometime in the next hour or 2 (at "stupid o'clock in the morning) is probably a good time to post this because that is when most of my blog posts happen, and probably was about the time of night I signed up to blogger and posted the first post ... yes - it says I posted it at 1:34am - lol (although the post times worked a bit differently then, and they usually were the time I started typing the post, rather than the time I hit the "publish" button an hour or 5 later - LOL)

Hmmm ... just went digging around among my blog posts ... trying to find a URL ... which I didn't find there (either I didn't actually post that one or I didn't find it) ... but I eventually remembered enough about the website to find it with google ... it was this website ... I am having a look to see if I can see the floodwaters in Qld in the "near real time" images ... bit cloudy but yes - I think I can ... amazing just what sattelites can see ;-)
Those images are not quite "I can see your house from here" ... u have to go to google maps for that - lol ... but they are quite intresting to look at. (The image gallery has some amazing pictures, and if you are more adventurous/feel like fiddling around leaning how to do stuff the real time imagery and the near real time subsets are fun to play with ;-)

I guess I should actually mention the other thing I was going  say about digging around in my blog posts, instead of just the side-track about why I was doing it - LOL
- I noticed that I since have changed backgrounds here and there - there are some pages where the text looked ok when I posted it on a dark background that I had on here at the time ... but now it is kind of almost impossible to read (unless one cheats and highlights it with the mouse ;-)  so I guess I have to go back and do something about that sometime ... (of course anyone who has subscribed to this blog as a feed or by e-mail won't even see the backgound I have on here ... but you will if you want to go hunting for my old posts - lol)

Er ... I am not sure if I can think of anything really momentous ... the huge quantities of rainfall and the resulting floods in Qld/etc are kind of upstaging me anyway ... been busy reading about it on Facebook and other places online ... am really glad I live on a hill ... and hoping the flattish ground my parents live on up there is far enough away from the major rivers etc, and that their home is high enough up that they are not flooded out ... last I heard they were not that worried, but their lawn was rather soggy ... but that was before this last lot of rainfall ...

btw ... it might be 6 years I have been blogging ... but it is nearly 20 years since DH and I got our first computer, and roughly 15 years since I first started surfing the internet here and there (I didn't do it that often, because when I did - for some reason I would "loose" about 8 hours! lol) it is now 13 years since I started using e-mail and then very quickly ended up on a quilting yahoogroup and it was probably not long after that when I saw someone's geocities web page, clicked on a link to see what one had to do to make one and a couple hours later had one of my own ... and so on ... LOL

eek ... it is now well and truly "stupid o'clock" ... time to post this mess and "hit the sack" ...

goodnight ...

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