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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How can it be ... ?!

How can it be ... This long since I have blogged?

How can it be ... This late in the year already?
How can it be that Canberra has now just had its Hundred and first birthday? - only seems like the other day I was at the party for Canberra's 100th
How can it be ... Almost a year since my Husband decided to be Horrible and walk out without even discussing it with me? ... just decided, by Himself (and, He admitted - with some Help from His friend!), that we would be Happier apart ...
How can it be ... that I am still waiting to find out what I am now going to do with my life?
... I was Hoping that something would Have Happened by now ... But I am still "Hurry up and wait" ing ...
However ... Life goes on ... Happy mixed with Horrible, like most people have (just some have more or less of one or the other than other people do and different amounts of each Happen at different times ... if that makes sense :)
This post is probably not very exciting reading, but I figured it was time I Hopped in Here and posted something ... because I just Have to try and post something every now and then ... so the world ... Or all ... er ... 1 or 2? ... people who read my blog, know I am still here :)
Hmmmm - my original intention was to post about all the interesting things I Happen to see or do ... AND post something for ABC Wednesday every week ... Oops? (ABC Wednesday is up to the letter H ... but the linky thingy seems to have closed in between when I looked a Half an Hour ago, and typed most of this on my iPad, and when I then Hopped onto a computer to edit before posting, because the blogger app won't let me add links in my post ... and I Had to include a link to ABC Wednesday so u can all go there and see all the more interesting posts :)

Meanwhile ... I have some other stuff I need to hurry up and do (rather than trying to write Horribly long and boring blog posts :) so I will just Hang a photo (or 5 :) on Here and Hop off Hastily :)

Here - Have some ducks, that seemed to be in a Hurry to go somewhere :)

They just Happened to be Hurrying in the same direction as I was, one day when I was riding my bicycle to work (the fact that part of my ride is along the edge of the lake Helps provide incentive to ride, rather than drive, at least a couple times a week ... That, and it keeps me more fit and Healthy :)

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  1. Hi ,,, just catching up on reading blogs.... lots of water under the bridges for us both eh?
    Had to laugh when you said you twitter...... you could no longer twitter as pigs could fly lol....... you just have so much information to impart to us. Hope the year is going well. hugs from down Melbourne way


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