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Thursday, June 12, 2014

V is for Vegetables, Vegemite, and a Very long time between posts?!

Hmmmm ... got an email to say I had a comment on a blog post ... comment was only spam (telling me my post had "good information" *almost falls of chair laughing* and a dodgy looking link to some website - lol), but the post was an ABC Wednesday one ... so I had a look to see what letter that was up to, because I figured I probably ought to post something so all 1 people who read my blog know I am still alive :)
I also had a comment that wasn't spam ... which is how I know at least one person actually does still look at my blog - hi Grasshopper :)

OK ... The letter V eh? ... Not sure what I would post about for that, maybe I should wait until next week? 
*stares into space, notices Jar of Vegemite at back of desk* ... Hmmm - I am a bit hungry!
... So I got up and made a couple slices of Vegemite on toast, so I could post a photo ... then I ate the toast, because it was so yummy ... and had to make 2 more slices so I could take the photo! LOL
(Which was fine, because I was still hungry ... in fact I am contemplating making 2 more slices after I finish typing this! :)

Anyway ... Here is the photo:

Vegemite is rather strange looking stuff, and in many people's opinion strange tasting ... It is a yeast extract, that has a kind of beefy flavour ... And it is Famous/infamous as that weird stuff us Australians eat ... and for being either Vile, or Very yummy - depending on your taste :)

Re the "What is your most/least favourite Vegetable" question - I like all Vegetables - in fact I even liked Brussells sprouts when I was a child! (and still do :)

Also on the subject of blogging, and the letter V - I am slightly disappointed to notice Blogger still don't have the WYSIWYG post editor as part of the iPad app ... sigh 

*saves post and heads off to find a computer to log on to ...*

... and gets side-tracked somewhere in between the 2 more slices of toast and some work stuff and then having to leave in time to go to a gym class, and doesn't get around to logging on to a computer until 23 hours later - LOL
The links are now added, and a couple of typos fixed (but I am sure I missed some ;)

I really should post more often, but between life still being a combination of busy and things still up in the air, and my only internet access being my phone, and work (lunch time and/or staying back after knock off time), and wherever else I can find free wifi, I don't seem to get around to things like blogging as often as I want to ... then again - even when I did have the internet at home, I still wrote way more good blog posts in my head (while out walking the dog or Geocaching or something) than I ever actually wrote on my blog!

Anyway ... time to log off from this work computer, get out of here :)

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