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Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Er... I kind of didn't get my ABC Wednesday K post organised when I should have... better (almost too) late than never?
I had a weekend/week recently where I decided to go kayaking on the lake during the hot air balloon festival that is on every year, because I did that one day last year and it was fun :)
I got up and went on the Saturday, but the balloons didn't fly ("too foggy") so I had fun paddling around for a while anyway... and found a Geocache on a post out in the water :)
I went again on Sunday and not only did the balloons fly, but it was a glorious Sunrise, and a nice day... until I was up the other end of the lake (finding another Geocache and just generally having fun paddling) and it got windy... so I had to paddle all the way back into a headwind, in chop that felt like I was in a washing machine - lol - but I actually quite enjoyed the workout :)
I decided to go out again on Tuesday... but again - no balloons... "too windy"... wasn't too windy on the water at first, so I decided to do the "Whereigo" Geocache on the lake (one that involves playing a geolocation based game, where one uses a GPS (or an app on a phone with a GPS :) to navigate to various virtual checkpoints in order to proceed through the game and eventually find out where to find the Geocache :)
Good idea in theory - But it involved paddling up the lake into what had become a rather strong headwind, and chop... but I was having fun and enjoying the exercise again - so I kept going... and was already rather wet by the time the rain started. .. I still kept going... had to wait at one stage because a rescue chopper was dropping and retrieving training dummies right ON one of the checkpoints - lol
I eventually finished the game, but the B£%%€¥ Geocache was missing - lol - but it was a fun way to spend about 10 hours out on the lake... lol
The photos are (I think) all on the bottom, and this post may or may not look weird... and I think I am going to have to publish it then edit it to add link... (oh - maybe not - just noticed I can do that in the app :) because I am doing this on my phone... because that is where all the photos are... lol
I also went kayaking again yesterday... on a different lake this time... but I would Like to save that for a Lovely L post :)

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