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Sunday, April 02, 2017

Lovely Late Night On A Lake

For ABC Wednesday letter L, I decided I would Like to post about a Lovely Late night paddling my kayak around on a Local Lake ... but it was so much fun that I did it again ... so now it is two Lovely Late nights on 2 different Lakes - and I will forgive anyone who thinks I am a bit of a Lunatic for being out paddling at such an odd time - LOL
... It is also a few days Late - oops :)

On Sunday I decided to do a few things (which I didn't get most of done... sigh) then go for a paddle, on Lake Ginninderra, in my kayak, for an hour or 2 around Sunset... I got there and put my kayak in the water at about 6:30pm... and it was so nice out there, and I was having so much fun, that I was still out on the water after Midnight - lol
I put my kayak in the water and took some photos, and then went looking for a Geocache on an island... alas - I think it may be missing (it wasn't the first time I looked for it either) but I did find a nice hairy spider ... then I went paddling some more and took some Sunset photos, and then as it was getting dark, I paddled over to take photos of the weird poles (a sculpture) with lights, in the water near John Knight Park, and also took photos of the lights of Belconnen town centre reflected in the lake, found a rather cool new Geocache on the shore near there, took some more photos, paddled past where I had not found another Geocache the day before - and spotted the sneaky thing from the water! (so I signed the log in that one as well :) ... Paddled around some more and took even more photos of Belconnen lights/etc. floated around near the Belconnen Arts Centre and ate a banana, took a few more photos there, and eventually paddled back to the car at around 12:30am - lol
I have uploaded my phone photos from that evening at  if you want to see more than the ones in this post ... but I probably should warn you - there are about 230 of them!
(I think I also took some photos on my camera, but I have not even looked at them yet - lol)
... and then, I did a repeat effort on another lake - Lake Burley Griffin - on Tuesday evening - put my kayak in the water as the Sun was setting (again - a bit later than I had originally been intending - lol) ... paddled around for a while, taking photos ... drifted down the lake (it was slightly windy :) for an hour or 2 and ate my dinner (sandwiches) while I had my weekly phone chat to Mum, and then I paddled over to Kingston Foreshore for a few more photos - and gave someone on the shore a good laugh when he noticed someone out paddling in front of the resteraunts and bars at about 10:30pm - lol
...and then I headed back over to the car, and went home (a bit earlier than last time, because while I was out there I got a text message that meant I had to get up in the morning and do grandma duties :)
Sorry - the photos are all together at the end again - photos are on my phone, so was easier to do the post in the Blogger app on my phone (which just adds them all at the end) ... but I am now editing it in the app on my iPad, and have just remembered that I will have to log in and edit it with the web browser as well so I can make it display the photos smaller so the layout isn't all up the creek ... but moving them around as well is too much of a pain in the proverbial ...
 I really need to have another fiddle with my blog settings/etc and see if I can find a better template I can use, so that whatever device I post from - it looks ok without having to edit my posts before publishing them, to fix everything that gets messed up ... I will get there one year ... maybe ... LOL
Oh - Last week, I was also a bit Late writing my K Post ... Which would have been fine, except I forgot to add my Link to the Linky thingy until the next day, by which time it WAS too Late ... Oops? #executive malfunction? lol

Sunday Evening:
And - Tuesday evening:


  1. I keep saying I'm going to geocache someday. I never have.

  2. Wonderful gift to life ... lovely photo's as well

    Have a nice ABC-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  3. Wow! The pics are lovely, Andrea!
    You seem to be a gutsy adventure-seeker! Did you go alone on the Kayak or with friend(s) at midnight?
    Even I have forgotten to add my post to the linky sometimes & missed as it was too late! This time have managed after you :)
    Anita*The Explorer Of Miracles*- L For 'Lie'.'


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