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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Quite Annoyed...

... because the other day I spent Quite a long time (at least 2 hours, when I had other things I should have been doing) typing up a quite long  ABC Wednesday letter Q  post about Quite a weird day I had on Friday ... It started off Quite strange, got Quite scary even, but Quite interesting ... then the middle part Quietened down, then became Quite fun ... the first part of the day had Quite a bit to do with all the crazy stuff going on in my head, the middle was mainly doing a few nice things, then the last few hours were Quite lot of fun that resulted from Quite a random and unexpected Quirk of coincidence ...
If I can remember what I wrote, I might Rewrite it as an R post :)

Before that I was thinking of posting about Quilts I have made/half made/started/thought up ideas for/whatever ... But I need sleep ... I WAS just going to Quickly add photos to the already typed up draft I HAD and post it ... sigh ...

But I will still add a photo or 2 ... I only had one photo from Friday that I was going to add ... as well as one from Sunday - my hair is Quite short now (almost too short, but a week or 2 of growing and it should look Quite good :) ... It was getting Quite messy looking so I attacked it with the clippers - lol

And below those 2 photos ... some Quirky trees I saw on Saturday, and a Quiet hill top I ended up on, on Sunday ... it was Quite nice up there, but unfortunately I think the Geocache I was up there looking for might be missing ... so I detoured a bit further up the road and Quickly dashed into somewhere else and found another one instead :)


  1. we all have our good and bad moments... the one in which we smile are the best

    1. If the worst that happened to me this week was blogger/my iPad/whatever losing a blog post then it is probably a good week - lol
      ... Actually I think I am feeling a lot better this week, than I was before :) ... there was something about that in the post that vanished ... and there will be a re written version of it in my R post ... if I actually find time to finish writing it and post it - lol

  2. I was just looking at this, while scrolling down to see if I had already posted a photo I was thinking of using for another post, and I realise I must have been really annoyed - so annoyed that in the post, I didn't Quite make it that clear just WHAT I was annoyed about - lol
    I was annoyed that I had spent who knows how long (hours, probably) typing up a blog post, and it somehow got lost/deleted itself/something ... ahrgh ... is why I have now decided to type them up in the notes app on my iPad, then copy them in when I am ready to post them (even though I still have to edit them to fix some formatting and add links and photos and stuff ... sigh)


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