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Saturday, July 14, 2007

A few odd crochet photos ... and a few more other odd photos too

I need some more crochet photos on my blog
(especially if I go and leave a comment on and somebody actually reads it and comes to look at my blog ;-)

so ... now that I have been side-tracked looking at everything else I went and looked at when I saw the links while I was at that website copying the URL ... I have time to have a little bit of a hunt around in my photos and find a few crochet ones I can throw up here in a hurry ...

... trouble is finding and uploading them took a bit longer than "a hurry" should take (so much for a not too late night - lol)

Here is what I found in last year's photos:

A crochet bowl - done in something called clothesline crochet - where one crochets around cord so the object is stiff enough to stand up or whatever ...

yes - the lid opens ... not that the dog cares ...

A "Canberra Raider" - crocheted as a birthday present for a friend who barracks for the Canberra Raiders footy team (not that it is real football ... I grew up where people play Aussie Rules ;-)

btw, I didn't crochet the lace in the background ... that was probably made by my crochet desinger/etc friend (who is the partner of the bloke who now owns the crochet Raider)

A scarf I made last year - I made 2 the same, kept one, donated one to the raffle for the TASDA exhibition last year (not sure which one I took the photo of) ... it is done in Tunisian crochet on a large hook, so it is lacy.

A wire goblet I crocheted a few years ago (I only took this photo last year) ... it is made from coated copper wire, probably from inside an electric motor or something ... shiny wire is not the easiest thing to take photos of either.

A woven basket - yes basket weaving is another thing I have dabbled in and want to do more of - this was made from Banksia Rose prunings from the garden (in the house we used to live in several years ago) and some reeds from around a pond.

I also crocheted something with a left over bit of these reeds ... think it was a coaster ... not sure if I ever took a photo, but I do still have the coaster somewhere (at least I know I have not thrown it out ... so it should be somewhere in my piles of stuff)

A wire dragon and a wire camel shape that I made a few years ago - currently hanging from the ceiling vent in my sewing room (where they were when i took this photo)

I used to do lots of wire creatures/people/etc when I was a kid ... done the odd thing or 2 since ... I wouldn't mind doing some more wire dragons and stuff sometime ... maybe a wire dragon with crochet or fabric wings?
The nearest to that I have done lately is this:

Yes - a pair of disembodied chicken legs!

They are now attached to the rest of the chook - I made them for the chook bag that I made for the Canberra Quilters exhibition last year ... I had a quick look for a photo but couldn't find one

- I am sure I took one ... ah - in one of the folders of last year's photos that I have not looked in yet - yes there are a few I have yet to dig around in ... I won't put the photo here though - it isn't a very good one, and I still have the chook so I will take a better one ... sometime ...

an amazing sunset!

yes the sky really did look exactly like that! (and no I did not fiddle with the colours or anything)

I keep finding more quilty/sewing photos than crochet ones ...

this tiny quilt is only a couple of inches wide - it was a leftover bit from making ATCs (Artists Trading Cards) ... and they are only 2.5"x3.5" ... and this was only big enough for about half of one ...

this one is not much bigger ... think it might just be long enough for an ATC but it wasn't wide enough ... it was another left over bit of quilted fabric with foil ironed on ... then I added the thread and did the stitching around the edge.

a small coin purse ... sort of made in a hurry so DD had one for a Scout camp in Sydney - she used it for the trip and then gave it back to me because she didn't need/want it (she bought a wallet in Sydney) - which was fine by me because now I use it for my coin purse!

btw - the furry bit at the top right is the cat's tail!

A bed full of animals!

Diesel the dog, Spook (the cat with lots of white) and Pixel - who is almost exactly the same colour as the back of this quilt! (she died, ,mostly of old age, last year, but the other 2 are still alive and well). The quilt is one I made a few years ago ... and the backing fabric was actually black homespun that I "un dyed" with bleach ...

I also found a few other interesting photos ... maybe I could call this one "spider crochet"?

I think spiders make amazing "lace" LOL

clouds sometimes look like crochet or lace too:

Playing with photos is also fun - this weird blue "yarn" is actually dog fur - and it is still ON the dog ... I just fiddled with the colours/etc in a close up photo of his fur ...

I think this may have been from the same photo ... after a LOT of fiddling with weird effects that the image editing software we have does.

this photo has not been fiddled with ... yet (btw - when I fiddle with photos, I also keep the originals, of course ;-)
- I like all the interesting textures in this - it is actually animal and bird footprints in the mud at the edge of the local pond.

there are also interesting ideas/textures/etc in things like peeling ceiling paint!

eek ... it is now after 4am and I have to get up in about 4 hours time to go to a Scquilters sewing day ... luckily I already got my stuff ready before I came in here and did this!

so why did I just look in the other couple of folders of photos? LOL (probably because I knew it would only take a minute or 3 and there would not be more than one or 2 more crochet/quilt photos ... and I only found one more to post here - a crazy quilt block I made for Mum:

btw, while I was here (while I was getting lost in cyberspace earlier) I also worked out what TAST stitches I had not blogged yet, and looked to see what ones I have not taken photos of yet ... so hopefully I will get around to taking photos of those I have not, and catch up with posting those here sometime in the next few days ...
btw ... the formatting or something always seems to end up going screwy when I add photos ... I found one cheat's way to fix it but that involves a LOT of hunting around and deleting extra junk that this editor thingy seems to put in the html code ... one day I might learn a bit more about stuff like div tags and what they do ... but in the meantime - there are probably extra blank lines where they don't need to be and possibly even no blank lines in between stuff that should have them ... just like the last few posts with photos in them ... LOL
Talking about screwy formatting ... for some odd reason the sidebar sometimes seems to start at the bottom of all the posts ... then it seems to fix itself ... then mess up again ... another thing I probably need to learn more about one day ...
anyway ... goodnight! LOL


  1. Hi Andrea
    Great photos, I especially like the basket. Something I want to try one day.

  2. Andrea I love your blog... you are so versatile.... I had no idea you were doing all those wonderful things as well... congratulations.

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  4. hello Andrea, Lilliane give me the URL of your blog ... I love ! it's wonderful ...
    amitiƩs de France

  5. I stumbled on your website and love it's versatility. I especially love the stitching blocks, pets, and crazy quilt scrap, as well as the goblet and your photos. I subscribed, but somehow it's only to the comments page, and I was wanting more of an RSS for your blog, not the comments of others. Do you have such?

    Thanks... Kari

  6. re what Kari asked about - er - yes I do have such a thing - LOL
    My blog is set up so it can be subscribed to as a feed.
    I used to have a "subscribe" link on my blog, but I changed my template or something a while ago and I guess it fell off - and I forgot to put it back on ... but it is there again now, at the bottom of the "sidebar" (scroll down past the archives and the blogroll and the other odd links and stuff and the adverts and it should be under there - there are now 2 "feedblitz" links (Feedblitz is a website that checks blogs/pages for you and sends blog posts via e-mail ... and that was the link I used to have there - the 1 subscriber it says I have is actually ... ahem ... me - LOL)
    There is also another thing that I noticed that blogger now has among all the stuff I can add to my blog - a thingy with several other ways to subscribe to my blog posts and/or comments - so that is at the bottom under the feedblitz thingys. There is also other ways to do it as well - with Internet Explorer (the newer versions anyway) I think you can just go to the main page of my blog ( and you might be able to subscribe with your web browser - on the version we have there is a thing called "feed discovery" under the "Tools" menu ... which takes you to the atom or rss page and I think you probably just have to click on the subscribe link there ... but I am not sure because I have never done it that way.
    eek! - what a long and technical comment that was! - good thing it is on my own blog rather than annoying some other poor blogger! LOL


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