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Friday, July 27, 2007

Moving Music

It was moving music (and I kind of liked having it playing on my blog) ... but I moved it ...

- I had a music player thingy on here - the main reason being so that any TASDA members who came here could listen to Pink Floyd's song "Poles Apart" - because that is also the theme of this year's TASDA exhibition ...

but ... the other day I was accessing my blog at "dial up" speed ... and I realised just how badly the music thingy worked at that speed! ... it was a case of "OMG how annoying!" ... "AAAAAARRRRGGGHHHH" evern ... it reminded me just how quickly one forgets how things are for those using dial up internet access, once one has broadband ... LOL

so ... if you want to listen to the music that was playing on here - now you will have to go to and listen to it there ...
(that was a blog I created back when google first took over blogger, but before we had to move out blogs to our google account - I created one to see if the google one worked ok ... it did - which was a good thing, because not long after we actually had to move ... well ... we didn't have to, but we couldn't log in to the old blogger to post stuff any more - so basically we couln't post anything unless we changed over ... LOL)

btw ... I still have not scanned any of the last few weeks TAST stitches ... or anything else I might have promised to put here "soon" ... and it will be at least another week before I do - playing with the new scanner will result in me loosing myself in here for more hours than I have time to spend doing that at the moment - I have to deliver my quilts ready for the quilt show in a week's time, and I still have quite a bit of sewing to do on them ... in fact I should be doing other things now ... but I knew moving the music thingy should not take too long to do, and I really didn't want those of you on dial up/slow speed internet access to have to suffer any more ... LOL

Coming soon? ... well ... sooner or later (more likely later) :
- more TAST stitches,
- an explanation, with photos, of my weird way of making it easier to do Tunisian crochet with weird knobbly/fluffy/fuzzy yarn,
- some more close up pictures of my "Inchies" and an explanation of how I made them
- pictures of the inchies I got back from the inchie swap
- a post about how I "undye" fabric ...
- a post about how I use rust and dirt/garden mulch/etc to dye fabric
- more photos of stuff I have made in the past
and hopefully -
- more posts about stuff I get finished for the quilt show/etc ... LOL


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  2. ... that comment spammer has been visiting again ... wasting their time trying to sell something that nobody reading this is ever likely to want to buy ... LOL

  3. hi up too late.....long time no hear.... thanks for leaving the comment on my blog, because I have now found yours again, and think I had better make it one of my reads.
    Love your creations, as usual, and your words, better make you the first read of the second cuppa lol. cheers hOps that was


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