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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sorry Al ... (I hope he didn't mind)

Yes - after reading and finding a link to someone else's similar photo ( at ) I just had to do it too -

... well - what do they expect if they put a statue of Al Grassby in the foyer and then have an exhibition like that, with Friday lunch time "Knit Ins", upstairs?!

btw - he is wearing a Tunisian crochet scarf I finished this week, and he is holding the one I got half way through making and then realised ... I don't have another ball of that yarn - I think I must have already used it! (I can't remember how many I had to start with either ... I might be lucky and find some more in my stash ... even the same yarn in another colour will do - the shop it came from didn't have any more - I looked in the Civic shop while I was there today ... then this evening DH (Dear Husband) and I were near the Belconnen one so I looked in there as well ... I think DH was happy, and surprised, to see me come out without having bought anything ... "the light will dawn" when he sees the bank statement and reaslies I had already used the plastic to buy $20 worth of yarn in the one in Civic this afternoon - I had to - it was on special - LOL)

hmmm ... maybe I should issue a challenge to anyone else reading this blog (one of those "tag - you are it" things) - I think it would be fun if anyone who was game to join in could either go here and find Al, or if you are not in Canberra then choose a local statue, and dress him/her up in crochet/knitting/whatever and post a photo to your blog ;-)
I guess it is a bit like this mob - - a group who do "crochet graffiti" - they sneak around and crochet stuff around things like parking meters, park benches and poles! - then they post pictures of it to the blog!
(I actually got that link from - and I did not see it until AFTER I took the photo of Al wearing and holding my crocheting!)

While I am here - time for a few more photos:

The trees (nearby) looked interesting ...

2 crochet pots -

I made them a couple of days ago, and was going to felt them ... I felt good about it but they didn't! - in other words - they didn't felt! ... I had half an idea that might happen - I had used some odd ball of wool I had lying around and was not sure if it had been treated so it was machine washable (and therefore would not felt) ... and yes - it had been ... so - it is lucky I had a "plan B" - one day I might just stiffen them with fabric stiffener or something instead ...

a prickly plant in the garden ...

for some odd reason I think this plant looks interesting, so I keep taking photos of it!

This is a tiny crochet thingy - made to look like a wall hanging -

I made it to fill up a space (and so there was some more crochet stuff) on a larger wall hanging thingy that I entered in the TASDA exhibition one year ... you can see how small it is by the size of the pin at the top ... actually that "pin" is actually a bead (the same size as a dressmaking pin head) and 3 stitches! - done to look like a pin but not fall out or be so "ouch" (I did some of those pretend pins on something else I made too - then the rest of the time while I was making it I kept finding myself trying to pull them out and move them and stuff because, at first glance with my brain out of gear, they looked too darn real! LOL)

This is "A Little Walk In Big Country" ... my miniature quilt for the quilt show a year or 3 ago -

the fluffy stuff under the lizards is actually fur I combed from our dog!
(Golden Retrievers have a lot of spare fur ;-)

Yes - I can do "normal" quilts as well -

this is a small log cabin quilt ... about a foot square ... that I should have made a couple weeks earlier and entered it in the competition for the Canberra Quilters 30th birthday calendar ... but I wasn't organised enough ... I made this after entries closed, a day before the next meeting - just in case they had not got enough entries and they needed more (which was probably the only way this would have got chosen - LOL)

This is a bag I made at a $5 mini workshop at the craft show a couple years ago -

the $5 was supposed to pay for the kit/materials "to make a small bag and wear it around at the craft show" - which would have been a bit hard because they did not provide anything to use make a handle! - all the yarn (used for the fringe and handle, etc) and the beads came from my stash when I got home that evening - I finished it in a hurry and took it out to dinner that evening (with a bunch of other quilters) - it was my "show and tell" at the dinner.
... the "workshop" was supposed to be a kind of demo to sell some new model of sewing machine and the stitch regulator that you could get to go with it ... but the tension on the one I was using was so "up the creek" I don't think it was a good advert at all (although I actually like the way the particular stitch I used turned out with the tension out of whack - it looked more interesting than the way it was supposed to be did!) ... and I didn't really like the stitch regulator thingy anyway ... some people like them, but for what I do at the moment - there are other things I would rather spend my money on ... maybe by the time I can afford one there will be a sewing machine where you can just tell it to "do this, like that" and he will smile, say "affirmative" or "understood" - and go ahead and do it, and also give you a neck massage and make you a drink when he is finished ... LOL

These are my "Inchies" - 6 sets of 9 x 1" squares (made by doing arty farty things to fabric) that I made for a swap on an art quilt yahoogroup. We also had the option of including a bag of "goodies" to swap ... so of course I had to swap one of those too.

I took that photo in a hurry before I went and posted them - I forgot to do it before I stuffed them all in the plastic bags!

These are the other 2 sets I made - one for me and one that I plan to give to Mum ...

There are all sorts of odd things in/on these - couched on bits of yarn, scribbles of stitching, and even melted shopping bag plastic!

This is the spider, and some other stuff, that I stitched on someone's needlecase block for a round robin I am in (on a crazy quilting yahoogroup)

btw ... if you think my "arty farty" stuff is weird - have a look at this strange art project -
... I found the link on this rather interesting blog post - ... which I found when I had a look at that blog, after noticing it listed as a "blog of note" on the blogger log in page (it's a real trap sometimes - I go to blogger to log in here and post something, and before I even get around to logging in - I find myself "lost in cyberspace" for an hour or 3, just looking at the blogs of note, and the stuff I find when I follow links on those ... and the stuff I find when I follow links from there ... etc ... LOL

Ok ... I saved this one for last ...
I know - sunset (and bed time for that matter) was ages ago (in fact this particular sunset was a couple of weeks ago) ... but u get the idea don't you?

I will be back, hopefully to finally post the latest bunch of TAST pictures, but it might not be in the morning ... or even tomorrow ...

... note - I did not say "photos" ... because they probably won't actually be photos - thanks to the fact that when DH checked out the printer he realised it not only needed new ink, but a new print head too - which was going to cost about $80 ... which also just happened to be the price of a brand new printer ... so we now have the brand new printer - and it doesn't only print - it is also a scanner ... which makes me happy, because I have known for ages that scanners can actually take a lot better images of textile stuff (like small crochet items or crazy quilt blocks or bits of stitching on black felt) than I seem to be able to take with the camera ;-)


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