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Friday, July 13, 2007

(not really?) catching up ...

hmmmm ... "the hurrieder I go, the behinder I get" (not sure who said that ... might have been Winnie the Pooh?) ... I seem t0 be getting behind with posting stuff here though ... the list of stuff I want to post here is getting longer faster than my blog is ... LOL

I will try and catch up with posting more TAST stitches next week ... or sometime ... I have actually done all of them except this week (which I will probably do sometime in the next day or so - because it is still this week ;-)

but ... in the meantime ... there are quite a few other things I have not got around to putting photos of here ...

So ... here is a rush job of throwing in some photos -

"30" - my challenge quilt for the Canberra Quilters Exhibition last year (the theme was 30, because Canberra Quilters was 30 years old - so I made 30 little quilts and joined them together)

the back - yes each little quilt has it's own title.

A photo of the sky - found it while I was looking for quilt photos (took it some time last year ... about Septemberish sometime ... )

"In My Dreams" ... a not very good photo, taken on my sewing desk (note feet at bottom - I stood on the chair to take the photo ;-)

a beanie I had in last year's TASDA exhibition

"Creation - All Things Under The Sun" - exhibited in last year's TASDA exhibition

"Crikey" my September Journal quilt from last year

"Desert Rain" - my June Journal quilt from last year

"Winter's Night" - my July Journal quilt from last year

hmmm ... I was going to throw some crochet ones in here but I didn't find any yet - probably means I need to actually take a lot more photos! LOL

and now ... DH (Dear Husband) wants the computer to read his e-mail b4 he goes to work (night shift) and I have to get ready to head off to this -
(I couldn't resist going to an exhibition opening for something called "Knit1Blog1" ... even if I don't knit much!)

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