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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Z is for Scatterday ?!

Oooo ... I just remembered this ... it is Saturday today - time to drag this post out of the "drafts" (where it has been waiting since I typed it almost a week ago :-) and post it -

Ok ... I couldn't resist joining in ... MW is posting weekly letters and categories on her blog and a group of people are then spending the week finding things to take photos of, that fit the letter and those 3 categories ... (I think she explains it better on her blog - lol)

Anyway ... earlier in the evening I read someone's blog and she had posted her Scatagories photos, so I got curious (again - I was too busy to do it when I first saw it last year) and I followed the link and found out that this week is the letter Z (and because not many things start with a z there are no catagories - just have to find 3 things starting with z ;-)

so ... a few hours later - here I am writing a blog post, and putting in the pictures (of my 3 z things) that I have just taken and put onto the computer ... and at the same time I am e-mailing MW to say that I am joining in ... LOL

Anyway ... these are my Z pictures:

A pile of zips ... only some of the large assortment I have in my sewing room.

and ...

Some ZigZag stitch that I just sewed onto a scrap of fabric, to use for the photo ...

and ...

The word "Zoonoses" in my blog profile! LOL
(no I did not just put that there - it has been there for at least 2 years!)
I circled it in green on the photo, so it is easier to find.

I wanted to stand a toy zebra next to the zig zag on my sewing machine, but I don't think I have one ...

and now ... 'tis time to go and ... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

(actually it is DH who does that - he says I do too, but he must be wrong - I have never heard myself snore yet!)

Actually it isn't bed time yet (but it was when I typed most of this blog post almost a week ago).

I suppose I could have found/taken some more Zzzzzz photos too ... like the dog and the cat and the kids sleeping ... or maybe I could have taken a photo of one of the jars of zinc granules in the chemical store at work yesterday ... or taken the camera when we went out to tea this evening and snapped a photo as we went past the National ZOO and Aquarium ... but then I am happy enough with my zips, zigzag and zoonoses .... lol

Now I have to start thinking of what to take pictures of for the Letter I and "Yellow, Australian, Something you would find in the air." hmmm ... I think I might have a yellow balloon at work (is it cheating to write an "I" on it with a permanent marker?), and if I am lucky the "fridge fairys" won't have eaten all the yellow ones form the packet of ice blocks that we had in the freezer ...
(anyone else have fairys who steal yummy stuff from the fridge/pantry? ... DH bought a 24 pack of fruit ice blocks, and nobody was told they were allowed to have any ... DS says he had one, and gave one to each of the 2 friends he had visiting, DD swears she never touched them ... but there are only 9 left in the packet ... I may be bad at maths, but I am not THAT bad ... LOL)


  1. Me commenting on my own blog again:
    I just thought of another "Z" picture I could/should have included - our dog's pedigree name is "Treborial Zeuss" ... and we would have called him Zeuss for his pet name if one of the kids hadn't decided she didn't like it!
    (he is called Diesel - after one of the dogs in the movie "Snow Dogs" - LOL)
    There are a few pictures of him here - (yes that one is my blog too - I just had to have a blogspot blog called spot ... lol)

  2. You've done very well Andrea. I'll look forward to your I photos but don't tell me beforehand and give away all your good ideas - I'll steal them!

  3. Great read Andrea! Scatterdays are fun. I look forward to your results. You have a sense of humour, so they should be good!


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