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Friday, February 22, 2008

Scatterday H(uh?)

Ok ... it is still Friday (or at least it was when I started writing this), but I am tired and I won't be here all day (or night) on Saturday ... well I will be here from midnight until when I get up early in the morning, but then I will be off 4WDriving and BBQing, then home for a few minutes before I head off to "sleep over" at a friend's place (she is organising a surprise birthday party for her partner ;-) ... then I am leaving her place after lunch on Sunday and going to an evening BBQ with some people from work (some who still work there and some who used to) so if I don't blog scatterday now, it won't get done until ... probably Monday or maybe even Tuesday night!
... which is probably when I will post the other half typed thing I have saved as a draft.

anyway ...

This week is brought to you by the Letter H and Colour, Games, Pointy Things

Ok ... what sort of a colour begins with a H?! ... time for a "Google" - LOL
hmmm - found a page of HTML colour names:
ok - "Hot pink" or "Honeydew" ... how boring ...

This site looks more interesting:
- it has LOTS of "H" colours!

... I can honestly say that until I found this website, I didn't know there was a colour called "Horses Neck"!

... there are more H colours too - they wouldn't all fit on the scroll bar thingy at once ... how about "Hippie Green"? lol

Ok ... enough silly colour names - now I need to find a "H" game - I was going to grab a bit of chalk and draw and photograph a hopscotch thingy on the road outside (unless the kids in the street had already done one lately, in which case I would have just needed to take the photo) ... but I forgot to go outside and do anything like that before it got dark ... I also don't own a hockey stick, or one of those "Hungry Hippos" games, and I have never even seen a game of Hurling, and I never thought of taking a photo of someone Hitting a ball, or saw anyone doing that this week anyway... so I had to settle for a "Hangman"

Now I need a pointy thing?
I thought about taking another photo of the computer screen, showing this -
... hasta la vista, enemy of Rome ...?

and I also did a search and found
and was thinking of taking a photo of the sign langauge for H, because it is 2 pointy fingers (and maybe also the coloured semaphore flag for H for a H colour ;-)
or I could have just taken a picture of my pointing Hand? LOL

but then I remembered I have heaps of these:

- pointy crochet Hooks!
(and a few other pointy and not so pointy things - the lid, at the top, is full of all the other stuff that was in with the hooks - pencils, pens, scissors, bigger hooks, etc) if you click on the photo to see the bigger version, you might also notice that one of the crochet hooks has a pointy other end! ... I am not sure why though ...

I guess that lot will do? - I am feeling too lazy to do something weird like take a photo of a pointy Hot skewer or something more creative ...

... but I did find this photo while I was waiting for the others to upload onto the computer:
DH thinks this POINTY plant is Horrible ... but the dog seems to find it interesting - actually I think he could smell something living under it ... but I was not GAME to go poking around under there because the prickles Hurt ...


  1. Haha! UR a Hoot!
    I love the name Hokey Pokey on the list of colours!
    You might have missed an opportunity. It might have been a Hamster under the plant!

  2. wow that was quick!
    ... actually it was probably mice ... making their HOME under there - better out there than in the HOUSE ... they would make a HORRIBLE mess in all my HUGE fabric stash.
    er ... I had better stop getting lost in that colour website and actually post this comment - lol

  3. Horse's neck? Who makes up those names. Top marks for a top entry. Laughter adds to the day and this definitely brightened my morning.

  4. Hilarity and Hijinks. I think that should be the name of your blog. Well done H.

  5. The colour selecter is great. You could easily lose hours playing with it.

  6. Very funny, always interesting choices. :)

  7. Heliotrope, a flower, brilliant purple
    Hoary, pale grey/silver
    Harmonious colours (those next to each other on a colour wheel


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