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Sunday, February 03, 2008


I'm not sure if it looks right in the post title from your end, but it looks right here - H2O - LOL (I had to use html tags to get it to say H2O instead of H2O, and I am not sure if they work in the post title ... although when I look at the "Preview" it seems to be ok ;-)

... why do I need to be able to type H2O?
... well - it could be handy for all sorts of things, but at the moment it is because I want to post about my entry for a quilt challenge - and the theme was "H

Anyway - here is the quilt partly finished:

This was before I put the black tulle on top and stitched all over it ...

It is for a challenge being run by a quilt group in Tasmania ... I think I found out about it via a yahoogroup I am on ... and the quilt had to be A3 sized, and include some or all of the 2 scraps of fabric we were sent, and fit the theme of "H2O"
So I came up with one of my usual weird ideas, and made this quilt, which I have called "H2O" - Elixir of Life"

I fiddled around and did this to show what fabrics were the ones I was sent to use:

I have a little bit of the "water" fabric left (another bit about the same size as the 2 bits on the quilt) and the original bit of "snail" fabric was a smaller bit (about the same size as one of the 3 bits I cut the other fabric into) and I now have a bit with 2 snail shaped holes in it left over - lol
(we didn't have to use all of each bit, just had to use at least some of it)

Here is the finished quilt:

The quilts that we all sent in for this are going to be exhibited and probably travel around to a few places for up to a year, then they will either go into a community wall hanging or be sent back to their owner (we were given a choice - I chose to have this quilt sent back to me at the end - because I like it! ... and I am not part of the "community" where they are going to hang, and I am not even sure I would ever get down there to see the quilts hanging in it )

btw, for those wondering how to do the "H2O" thing, I had to actually go into the html editor and type " H < sub > 2 < / sub > O " (but without the spaces - had to put those in there so it didn't do odd things!)

aaahhrrgghhh ... that did say what it was meant to, but it changed itself and doesn't want to show up with a <> in it! ... I think I finally fixed it ... for now ... who knows what it will decide to change itself to by the time I post this! ... the joys of swapping back and forth between a html editor and a wysiwyg editor and a preview thingy ...

and, because blog posts are written in html - to type a "<" and a ">" and have it show up as that in here, I have to type "&lt" and "&gt" (I learnt that one a year or so ago ;-)
and then I had to do &quot for the " in one place because the ampersand (&) symbol is used in html code and that was messing things up too!

... just thought u might like to know that - amazing what one learns while trying to do odd/silly things in blog posts and/or e-mails ( - stuff like this)


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