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Saturday, February 16, 2008

S is for ... Scatterday

Hi people ... yes there actually IS someone else reading this ... there must be - a few of you are leaving comments - LOL - I am glad you like this weird stuff I post/write! LOL

This week, for Scatterday, we are supposed to do:
Letter - S
Categories - Fruit, Things that make you itch, Gold

Yay - that was a lot of fun! ... but I guess I should really put the photos onto the computer so that I can post them here - LOL

... I was going to do that about 2 hours ago, but I kind of got lost here - (it was one of the "blogs of note" on the main page of blogger, when I went there to sign in to write this blog post ... so of course I had to check it out ... and I am very glad I did!)

anyway ... time to upload those scatteerday photos and put them in here ...

< andrea grabs memory card and starts uploading photos, and "looses" another 3 or 4 hours! >

(I wonder if those pointy brackets will vanish too? ... had to do funny things to make them show up like that ... otherwise they just vanish - because they are used to put html code inside ... so I have to type something in html that makes them show up as pointy brackets, instead of just typing in a pointy bracket ... no wonder us nerds/geeks/whatever are such odd people - LOL)

First, I had a (much needed) haircut on tuesday, so here is something that makes me itch - Short Sharp Spiky hairs Stuck in my Shirt and Sticking into my neck!

well - you can sort of see them in the photo ...

for Fruit, I was hoping to find what is a common sight at the high school I work at - squashed bananas ... but there were none this week ... so I had to Settle for Some Squashed Sultanas on a Skewer:

actually I am not sure these are sultanas (Dh did the shopping) but they look the same anyway (just didn't taste as nice as the last lot of sultanas I bought)

For gold, I figured i could photograph my gold and white Socks:

... on the floor in the shower - LOL

I also had a few other ideas that either didn't "cut the mustard" or were extras, that I didn't realy need because I already have 3 ... like this one - I found this Spider at work this week, but at the time i couldn't remember exactly what the catagories were, so I took a photo just in case it would fit into one (besides - who cares if it didn't fit into a scattagory - this Small Spider was rather cute! ;-)

When I went to get the camera (to take a couple more photos, then put them on the computer) our cat - Spook - decided to wander into the Shower ...

not that she fits in any of the catagories ... except maybe she is a FRUIT cake! lol
(actually she goes in there to drink the water off the floor!)

I also snapped a photo of the Stuff I bought on Special at the Shop that was having a closing down Sale ... some of it (braid on bottom right) Has GOLD in it ... LOL

Before I remembered about the sultanas in the fridge, I was thinking maybe I could get DD to make herself a banana smoothie so I could take a photo ... then DH mentioned that there was some other fruit in the freezer ... what a great excuse to have some desert!

- a "berry" nice smoothie - LOL - I like blackeberry/etc smoothies, but not banana ones ... btw - the pinkish bag (that has the spare camera memory cards and batteries in it, and the card reader and computer cord) and DD's purple jumper sleeve match my fruit smoothie rather well - lol

There was also a bowl,with some potatos, on the bench next to it -

... they look kind of GOLD (they tasted yummy too!)

While I was in the kitchen, I suddenly remembered the GOLD Spoons/etc that DH and I inherited from his mum:

- a teaspoon, a tablespoon, and a desert spoon.

... and while digging them out of the drawer, I found this weird banana Slicer!

... then I turned around and found a Swimming carnival certificate Still Stuck to the fridge!

it is DD's, from primary school ... she is now in her 4th year of high school! ... time to sort out the junk stuck up on the fridge? LOL
- it looks a bit greenish in the photo, but it is printed on GOLD paper ... and, for some odd reason, DH sometimes calls a certificate a "Siffticate" ... actually I do too ... probably some stupid ARMY slang we both picked up?

Then I found a yellow/gold "Something" in these shelves (next to the fridge) ... actually a bit of some kind of construction set (like a plastic version of Mechano) ... and when I was lining up the photo I realised that the Sodastream gas clyinders have GOLD tops on them!

... and it didn't stop there! - walking back past the TV, I realised that the cricket might be able to be used for scatterday too -

GOLD Stumps in front of a GOLD Sign, while the Green and GOLD Aussies are playing against Sri Lanka

and - perfect timing? - a Spectacular catch?! in the "golden" hands of one of our team ... lol

yes - that is getting a bit tenuous - LOL

but surely a GOLD Sunset isn't?

I found this in the photos I was putting on the computer - I took it a couple of days ago - not becaue of scatterday - becuase we get a lot of good sunsets and i like taking photos!

and I took this one just before I put the photos onto the computer -

a Scratch (on my arm) ... which made me ITCH - that is the only reason I noticed it was there! ... it was probably a result of a rather rough game I had just been playing, with our cat, Spook!

taking photos, of my right arm, left handed - is not that easy ... maybe I should have just taken this one - another scratch, on my left arm!

actually that is a worse photo than the other one! LOL
... but it also shows a Scab - and they also ITCH.
(which is why I tend to Scratch them)

Just before I pulled the card out of the camera (to put it in the card reader thingy) I realised I was drinking some wine (made frome grapes = fruit - LOL) that starts with an S

a Sangiovase Shiraz
... actually it is a Shiraz Cabernet in the glass, but when I went and grabbed that (empty) bottle - DH noticed what I was doing (I had told him about the scattagories thing while I was taking those other photos in the kitchen) and he went and got this bottle instead ... ok - sort of cheating ... but it looks the same and I am drinking some of that bottle now! ... well - my other glass got empty, and DH DID leave the other bottle in here ... LOL

The other funny thing is - the description on the bottle of wine kind of fits me! - "An enigma I am, straight forward I am not, my make up a mystery that shall never be got" - LOL
Yep - sounds just like me!!!

also sounds like Diesel - our GOLDen Retriever, Seen here (on the floor beside me, while I was taking photos of the bottle of wine!) Scavenging/Scrounging a Snotty tissue! - he likes to eat used tissues! (yuck!)

I was originally thinking of including a photo of him wet - a Soggy GOLDen Retriever ... if u want to see that one - look Here - a Soggy GOLDen dog with a big Stick - LOL

and now ...

... it is time for this Slightly Sozzled FRUITcake (me!) to go to bed ... lol

btw, DD had a brilliant idea ... but I don't have one to take a photo of ... a Mango ... the Skin/Sap makes me itch (I think I am allergic to it), they are fruit, and the flesh is gold ...
... and now I feel like some mango! LOL
(I can eat them ok ... just need to be careful peeling them ... or get someone else to do it! ... if I touch the mango skin, then any sensitive part of my skin (face, arms, etc) then I come out in a swollen exzema type rash ... very itchy and yuck ... and it is not a good thing to discover that fact by handling a pile of mangos and then scratching/rubbing your face ... very itchy and not a pretty sight! LOL

yawn ...


but b4 I go ... better check out and see if the boss has posted hers yet ... oooh yes - she has ... and posted the next weeks Scattergories - now I have to start thinking of things for the letter H, and Colour, Games and Pointy Things ... that could be a bit of a challenge (hmmm - can I get some students at the school I work at to play "hangman" on the whiteboard, with coloured, pointy pens? LOL)

I think I need to sleep on that one ...

... well ... I know I need to sleep! - and i think had better go to bed before I go to sleep on the keyboard! LOL


  1. Good gracious me - I nearly used up all of Scatterday reading that. You have the most amazing mind Andrea. It travels in a hundred different directions at once. Love your suggestions one and all.

  2. I think you well and truly covered Scatterday. Though the fabulous catch was taken by Andrew Symonds. Not like you to miss that sort of thing. LOL

    I have no idea how you think of it all, but it's always entertaining.

  3. Stupendous! What a stunt! You stun us all!
    Seriously, you are very good at this, and I love your rambles. I get a laugh every time!

  4. I just deleted 5 identical comments, from some looser telling me about the site where he made his extra cash ... no doubt they were put there by some atomatic "bot" or whatever it is the spammers use ... so ... those of you who are making legitimate, and much appreciated, comments will just have to put up with typing in those silly letters, because I have just turned on that "word verification" thingy ...
    btw, it actually IS like me to miss the fact that it was Andrew Symonds who Stopped that Swiftly flying ball ... I was too busy trying to take a photo with Stumps in it to notice who it was that caught the ball - LOL ... and when I put the photo on my blog at about 4am I didn't notice who was in the photo ... and I am not the best with names/faces anytime, let alone at 4am after a couple of glasses of red - LOL

  5. You have just been tagged! LOL Check my blog for deatails. Actually, I'm looking forward to seeing what you write.


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