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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

TUE late for Scatterday?

... well it was still Tuesday a few minutes ago ... I am a bit late this week - I was away on Saturday, "out bush" with no internet access, so I couldn't post then ... couldn't post (early) on Friday night like I did last time because I was already out bush (same place as Saturday) ... and Thursday was just a bit early. I didn't post when I got back on Sunday because I was busy sorting out blackberries early in the evening (hopefully there will be a post about those later, if I get around to it) and I was tired and went to bed early, thinking I would post on Monday night ... but then DH and I went to a Land Rover Club meeting ... then I took the dog for a very long walk ... lol ... so I came in here to post this while it was still Tuesday ... but I got lost in my e-mail and stuff for 2 or 3 hours! (but I consider this to still sort of be part of my Tuesday anyway, because I have not been to bed yet - lol)
anyway ...

what did I come up with for "the letter O - Something you would find in a library, Sweet Things, Hawaiian"?
well ...

I work at a school, which has a library, so I went for a wander in there to see what I could find ...
The O section of the fiction books, and the computers so students can do stuff Online ;-)
(and some Overhead lights on the ceiling too!)

and ...

the Opening hours (On an Orange sign Outside the Office ... and probably Out of date because they are for 'O7).

Then I went home and found some nice SWEET Orange juice

... On the bench, slightly Out of focus - lol.

I also went to the Op shop recently, and bought a sarong/skirt thingy with a Hawiian(?) print ... so I guess I can get away with calling it a Hawiian Outfit? ... or is it safer to just say that it is an Op shop item that is an Old Hawiian print skirt - because it is rather Old and tattered - has been torn and mended in at least one place on the bottom.

... DD snaffled it, and I had to find it in her bedroom to take the photo, which is ok because that is half the reason I bought it ... the other half the reason is that if she didn't like it, or when she doesn't want it any more/grows out of it - I will get it to use the fabric to make something out of ;-)

It's a pity she liked it actually - I already came up with an idea for using about half of it to make a shoulder bag!

I also came up with a way to do the 3 "O"s in one photo:

A SWEET Orange carrot, and Odd looking Orange carrot bookmark (surely one would find a bookmark in a library) and an Orange bag I made from a Hawiian print fabric ... well it looks Hawiian to me anyway ... I also decided, while taking the photo, that maybe I should use that bag as a book bag for my Canberra Quilters/etc library books!

I know, that is kind of cheating a bit ... and this week was a bit of a lazy effort on my part ... I guess if you don't like it you will just have to get Over it ... LOL

Oh well ... time I went Off to bed (perchance to have sweet dreams of a trip Over to Hawaii, where my "One and Only" (not sure if DH would like being called "sweet" but he must be - he does most of the cooking!) and I will find some strange hidden treasure we read about in an Old book in a library ... Or something Odd like that ... )

... knowing me I will probably start thinking about what I can find for this week (V - pink, big, signs) and have some Very weird dream about being chased up a volcano by a big pink "victory" sign or something ... lol


  1. Andrea, you crack me up! Well done on your Scatterday categories. I was disappointed there weren't any at the weekend, 'cause I love reading yours. I never know where you'll go with it!

  2. Better late than never...well worth the effort of catching up on this one


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