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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Shedding some Light on the Letter L

ok ... I got home on Sunday evening (which is actually tonight - I am writing this early and saving it to post on Scatterday) and I came in here to check my e-mail and look up what the letter/etc for this week is
- ah - the Letter L - Household Items, Things That Are Round, Tools.

... hmmm a household item? - I know - lightbulbs! ... I could take one of the light on the ceiling:

or ... a whole bunch of light bulbs in the shed - hey - some of those are ROUND! - I could take one photo for 2 things ... or could it be all 3? - not sure one would call a light bulb a tool though, ...

... but then again - this "Trouble light" is!

... that could be all 3 things - it has a round light globe in it! ... well it did last time I looked ... now it has a Long one ... Lots more Light for a Lot Less energy ... and Longer Life too. (should I stop that now, before you all go Loopy?)

... I guess I could try for 3 different photos?
starting off with, for the household item, my green Lava Lamp!

with Lovely round Lumps of Lime green "lava" in it - lol

actually I just took that photo and then noticed that the Lamp is on the stand for the LCD TV ... another household item - lol

now, can I find a ROUND lolly? ... I think DD ate all those ... I wonder what else I can find?
I know - a Lemon is round ... ish ...

[note to self - remember to make a nice round slice of lemon when I cut it, and take a photo of that - then it will be round and Lemon]
actualy I probably don't need to do that - the one on the Left is quite round anyway ... the one on the right just Looks round because of the way up it is Lying ...

those Lemons were given to us by the Lovely Ladies at the second hand shop (with Lots of Little household items) we had a Look in today (in a Little town called Ariah Park) ... we being a Little group of 6 couples who belong to the Landrover club!

and I know where (in my sewing room) I can find a Lace bobbin ... I think that is a TOOL - one needs a few pairs of them to make bobbin lace!

pity I only have these 3 (one and a half pairs? - lol) and another 4 buried in the pile of mess somewhere (2 more pairs) ... 3 1/2 pairs of bobbins is not quite enough even for a beginner to start with ... sigh. (mind you - can anyone who knows me see ME having the PATIENCE to do lots of very slow to "grow" bobbin lace?!!??!!!)

maybe my Light box would be a better thing for my tool - I actually USE that.

(I know - it is an odd looking light box - it is actually a wooden box I found somewhere, with a "power supply" sitting in it (a box that converts 240v to 2/4/6/8/12v - depending where u turn the knob) and a 12v globe (and holder/cord) from some dead/broken bit of science equipment and a sheet of clear plastic on top (I put a bit of white paper between that and what I am tracing to make it more opaque/less glarey) ... I have also used it without the power supply/12v globe and used the "trouble light" in there, but that was before I got the 12v globe/holder thingy, which probaly doesn't get so hot as a 240v globe does, and probably uses less power? ... and I can turn the knob to less than 12v and get a dimmer light - which is often better for tracing stuff than a really bright one)

I think I have a Leather punch at work - that would be even better for a tool, if I remember to take a picture of it!

(I remembered ;-)

... and I wonder if I can find a Letter opener - that is a tool and a household item.

(forgot to do that earlier, can't be bothered trying to find the darn thing now - it could be anywhere!)

And - I almost forgot the "doozy" I mentioned in my post on Sunday night - a machine is just a big complicated tool right? ... because if it is - how about this - a Linotype machine!

... actually this one is an "Intertype" ... but "Linotype" was what the first ones were called, by the person who invented them ... and it kind of became the generic name for them (much like how any brand of ball point pen gets called a "Biro").
If you want to know what it does - there is an article, with lots of info, here -
I remember I used to sometimes go visit Mum at work (on my way home from school) when she was working at a place that published the local newspaper, and printed all sorts of stuff, and I used to spend ages watching the bloke operating the Linotype machine ... it was almost as fascinating as the folding machine, that folded up the big printed sheets into a ready to read newspaper.

and if that isn't ok - another thing I found, and took a picture of, at the Museum we spent the day at on Saturday (that is where that old pink ice cream van was ;-) ... was a couple of old Lawnmowers

... Victa Lawnmowers actually - anyone remember "zipetty doo dah, Zippety day, zip on the Victa and zip right away"?

btw ... notice the name on that can of stuff in the top right hand corner of that photo? LOL

- here is a close up:

oh yes - Lovely name! [sarcasm]

I also thought of something else while taking the photos I took around the house while writing this - a round "Linux for Dummies" disk

... it is in the back of the "Linux for Dummies" book that is sitting on a shelf in here (I was actually looking for any of the disks of Linux software that I am sure DH has hanging around in here, but I found the book instead - luckily it is a typical computer book and had a disk in it ;-)

I also took one more photo during the week ... but it was a bit blurry - a couple of the Lovely Little tomatos that are growing by the front door:
(the plants popped up in a friend's garden, and needed thinning, so she gave me some ... it is kind of nice being able to wander in/out the front door and stop and pick, and eat, a tiny tomato or two ... or twelve - lol)

and ... Last but not Least? - a Lovely green Loo!

(well the room is green ... the loo is white, and round ... well the hole is ... lol) I assume a Loo is a household item? ... don't think I would want to be living in a house without one! (even an outside one would be better than a "P behind a tree" on a cold and frosty morning .
This loo was in the Pub where the 12 of us on the Land Rover Club trip to Temora had our morning tea on Sunday - in the bustling metropolis (not ;-) of Ariah Park ... lol (ah - it was so nice to get OUT of the rat race for a while)

... I love those old style cisterns - it's been a while since I have had to "yank the chain" ... LOL

now I just have to save this post as a draft and remember to actually post it on Saturday! LOL

I couldn't help it ... was here now (Thursday pm) messing around with another blog post, and fiddling around putting a few labels on posts I forgot to label, and on this post and a couple of others I have saved as drafts ... and this song, which I remember from years ago, is going around in my head again (it does from time to time - whenever I get reminded of it - drives me nuts - lol) ... I did a search and found it on Youtube and I just have to share it with you:

He he he - I could have just posted that, instead of finding/taking all those other photos! LOL

(but taking/finding/writing about those photos was such fun - LOL)

Lorem ipsum, Etaoin Shrdlu.


  1. You won't believe what I thought you had posted. My screen only opens to show part of your first picture and to me it definitely looked like someone had a light-bulb sticking out of their navel ... definitely going overboard here for blog of the week award!

    Great post and you must have some collection at your place.

  2. Oh, Andrea, I always love reading your Scatterday! You have excelled this week! LOL

  3. We are spoiled for choice this week. I do love reading your scatterdays.

  4. Andrea
    You've been tagged - hope you can cope with it! Joan

  5. Look out! That's what I say before I oen your blog. I never know what I'll find but I do know it will be comprehensive, extensive and fabulous.


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