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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Another V photo ...

Yes - posted my scatterday stuff late on Friday evening (actually it was the small hours of Saturday by the time I got around to it) then went away for the weekend and found something else to take a photo of ... I figure I can still sort of count it, because it was on Saturday I found it/took the picture, and I didn't know what the next letter/etc was yet (we left home just before it was posted ... not that I came in here and looked for it anyway - lol)

So ... what did I find?

it is Big and Pink and it has a Sign on it ... an ice cream Van!:

The double "choc coated" was rather yummy too ... LOL
(yes - that is DH buying us one each :-)

btw, I also took a picture of a doozy of a tool for next Scatterday (letter L - Household Items, Things That Are Round, Tools) and I already have the post mostly written and am just about to take a whole pile of photos for it (one in here, one in the lounge room, a couple in the garage, and one more I just thought of, that is in the kitchen, and a couple that I have to hunt around and find where I put them) and throw them in there too - then I can save it as a draft and see if I actually remember to post the thing on Saturday! lol

... now if only doing all the quilty/textile challenges in time was so easy!

- I just remembered that now that it is March, there is another topic for the chooseday challenge and also for the Take It Further Challenge, and of course there is my March journal quilt to do too ... not that I have done my Febuary one of any of those! (in fact for the second 2 I have not even done January!

So why did I just go look at this - - and start thinking about ideas? LOL

... and I kind of also want to join in with this - - too! ... seeing it is something being run on/for a yahoogroup that I am actually a member of, even though I never seem to have time to read all the e-mails on it (which is probably why I only just (tonight) found out about this round robin thingy that they have been doing since the start of the year!)

btw, while putting photos onto the computer (the van one and the others I took this weekend) I also found one that would have been really good if we were still back doing H ... one of the catagories was pointy things - and the Hairs on this spiders legs sure qualify for that!

scary eh?
(click on picture to go to full size version)
... actually I think it is gorgeous!


  1. Something else we have in common! I think he's beautiful, too! That's a fabulous photo you've managed to get. All the features show up so well.
    I get huntsmen in my car all the time. Got in this morning and there was web strung everywhere ... over the steering wheel, the gearstick, the windows, the visors! LOL Didn't see him tho'.

  2. Who in their right mind would click on something so revolting in small size just to see it in a larger size???

  3. "Who in their right mind ...?" - er ... ME!
    I guess I am not in my right mind - LOL
    - I LIKE spiders!
    ... besides - if you don't click on it and look at the larger image, how can you see that it really does have pointy hairs on it's legs? LOL
    I should go get the camera and put some more photos onto the computer - took some more spider photos last night - a humungous golden orb spider in the bushes in the front yard! ... and it has hairy legs and bald "knees" ... lol

  4. Interesting point. I shall mention it to a couple of kids I know who have to do reports on some animal. The boys will probably think it is just so cool! everyone is different.


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