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Saturday, March 22, 2008

aNother N thiNg

Sorry - I just HAD to do this once I thought of it ...

I only just thought of another thing I could photograph for the letter N and "human"

(although it could probably also fit "little" because it is lost in my big belly, and "mineral" becuase you could possibly mine something Nasty from down in it's depths ... not that you would WANT to ... lol)

yes ...

... my NAVEL

Is YOUR bellybutton on the WWW? ... LOL


  1. Gosh, Andrea, you've made my day! LOL

  2. No and I can't tell you right now it never will be hahahahaha!
    Thanks for putting me right on the 500 blog posts I babbled on about Andrea, I don't know why I thought that because now I can't find out where I saw it! Mine is only 167 at present so there's a long way to go yet anyway.


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