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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Very Scatty Day?

Very fast running out of silly ideas for the subject lines of my Scatterday posts? LOL

I actually started typing this post the same day as I posted last week's scatterday stuff - I typed a few ideas I had for what to take/find photos of ...

The letter/catagories for this week are:

V - big, pink, signs

and the ideas I typed in here were:

Vulcan salute (done with a pink hand)?

(Vulcan as in that Spock bloke, with the pointy ears, from Star Trek)

victory sign (ditto)? ... a big pink victory/some other V sign would be handy

big volcano?

Voyager (that spaceship (on Star Trek) is big ... so is the US Navy ship of the same name ... a photo of it with pink primer on it and a sign would be perfect)

pink violets/violas?

big vegetable (possibly find a tall bean plant with a sign on it in lab 5 or somewhere?)

("lab 5" is one of the science labs at the school I work at - there a a whole heap of pots of bean plants that the students are growing in there!)

big glass of very nice wine?

vroooom - a big pink car speeding past a sign?

but ... I didn't see any big pink cars whizzing past, or any volcanos or big v signs/etc ... didn't even get around to driving down a street where the name started with a V ... or finding any gardens with Violets or Violas in them. I could have "googled" for pictures of Vulcans and Voyager/etc, but I decided not to bother, and I forgot to take a photo of my own (pink) hand doing a Vulcan salute

... but ...

while I was at work today, I did take a photo of this:

A Very popular (or is that Very boring or Very silly?) science experiment - a BIG beaker of water with a bit of potassium permanganate ("condy's crystals") in the bottom - so that when I heated it (the bunsen burner is off in the photo but I did light it and heat the beaker for long enough to see the effect I wanted in the photo) there was a nice PINK swirl - a sure SIGN that there are convection currents happening in there.

Yes, I know, it's a bit lame ... LOL

maybe I should have just used this photo (taken in January) that I just found while the convection one was uploading onto the computer:

A BIG PINK V shaped cloud that is a SIGN that the weather will be ok the next day ("red sky at night, sheepherds delight ...") ... or a sign that there have been jets flying overhead (I am sure at least that skinny line on the left side of the v is a jet trail).

I almost missed another V thing in that first photo - the Volume of the beaker (800ml) is written on there! LOL ... and they are Very pretty Pink swirls ... and if I had taken the photo from a different angle you would have been able to see the sign on the door behind the beaker (I think it is just out of the photo above the beaker).

but I did take a photo of this pink sign on the staff room door:

actually it is more purple than pink ... but close enough? LOL
The real reason I took that photo is because I thought the yellow sign was Very funny. (as if students are going to read all that, understand it, and actually DO it? lol)
anyway ...
the Very big yawn I just did is a SIGN that I am tired! ... and I have a BIG day tomorrow (getting up early and going away for the weekend) ... so I ought to take my tired PINK body to bed ...
btw - count yourselves lucky that I didn't find and photograph a Big Pink rat (Vermin ;-) or something ... LOL
(or put pink food dye in some Vermicelli and dangle it from a big sign ... lol)
drats ... the next week's letter has not been posted yet (it might be by the time I get up in the morning, but I doubt I will be awake enough to remember to come in and look before I walk out the door) ... I guess I will just have to take lots of photos of stuff on the weekend, in case I can use some of them for next scatterday ... lol

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  1. I agree with your thoughts on signs...very doubtful that anyone would read that much .. if it can't be said in one short sentence then it is too long .. hey these kids have better things to do with their breaks than hang around for teachers!
    love the V in the sky.


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