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Friday, March 14, 2008

Hello Hairylegs

Yesterday afternoon DD told me to come out the front, with the camera ... yes - she knows what I like - LOL

Yes - a HUGE spider!

2 ... or more ... actually ...
(I climbed into the bushes behind the web to take this photo ... that is the front dooway to our house on the left ... and a whole pile of cars in our driveway in the background - lol - 3 drivers in the house (one with no money) and 4 cars ... and a motorbike in the garage ... how sad is that?! lol ... DS is the one with no money ... still at school ... drives our 3rd car when he gets given any petrol money by us/his friends ... and the bloke accross the road gave him the old car that he had sitting out the front for a year or 2 - doesn't go at the moment, but probably only needs a little bit of work, and a bit of money, to get it on the road again)

This is the big spider -
with hairy legs and bald knees!

... and the most amazing pattern on her abdomen (click on the photo to see the full size one ... if you want to :-)

This one was smaller than the other one - probably the male.

and if you don't like spiders, then maybe you should not click on the images to see the even bigger versions of them - LOL

but maye you like spider webs?

This is their web:

and here is a close up of part of it:

and this is a totally different spider's web:

- i took this photo at work today - the spider has been living (had a web) here all week (and maybe longer - I only noticed it about a week ago but it may have been here longer ... I am busy at work, and don"t always have time to notice all the comings and goings in the garden outside the staff room)

and this one is a couple of wonderful wet webs in Sydney late last year:

... and here is a wiggly web on the window at work a while ago (Feb 2006)

and a fuzzy web at a friend's place (also taken in Feb 2006)

I could probably find more web pictures if I spent more time looking, but I have spent ages typing this and now it is actually Saturday (because it is now after Midnight - the time on this post is when I STARTED typing it - LOL) - so I have some L stuff to post!


  1. I love spiders! You have some great shots.
    Definitely the male. If you had waited ( along time usually) you might have witnessed the mating game. I only ever have once. It took 4 hours of male wooing and skill, less than 2 seconds of actual mating and ended in his death!

  2. if this is one of the species where mating is followed by death - then I would have had to wait a looooooooooong while - he is still there!
    (although he does seem to be missing a couple of legs ...)


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