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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

hmmm, etc ... and a new background image.

I just did some silly online quiz and at the bottom, after what sort of person it said I was, it said "0% of the 40956 people who have taken this quiz are like you."
yes - I know that! LOL

The quiz was supposed to tell me what kind of person I am - said I was a "romantic reinventing builder" ... whatever that is ... maybe I am supposed to buy the book? ( the quiz is here - - the idea of the website is to make your list of goals and share them with the world ... interesting idea actually ... but I have joined enough weird online things in the last few days - I don't need another one! lol)

Talking about joining things ... I just found Where The Blog Are You? ... and left my comment/URL there and put the button on my blog ... it seemed like a good idea at the time - lol

... and I have told the Yearquilt list I am on what ideas I have for a yearquilt this year ... but I will have to run with a fairly small idea because I think I am going to be too busy to do anything too ambitious there ... maybe I should just stick to the re-run of TAST (that Take A Stitch Tuesday that I did a while ago, and called that my "year quilt" for that year) the re-run of it is now happening over on ... might be a good chance to re-visit the stitches I wanted to do more of than I had time to ... and re-learn the ones that I did not already know, did once, and promptly forgot again ... LOL

(if you want to read my blog posts about TAST and see the photos of my stitching just look for the "TakeAStitchTuesday" label in the list in my side-bar and click on it)

now ... I really should do what I was going to do when I first came in here (to the computer) about 6 hours ago (I have been in and out a few times during the evening ... but spent more time IN here than out - I tend to get "lost in cyberspace" rather easily - lol) ... and that is to finish something I started doing at "stupid o'clock" last night (and am now finishing at about the same time tonight!)
ok ... my blog should now (unless you are reading this post a day or 200 after I posted it and I have changed things again) have the full size version of this

as a static background image behind all the rest of it ...
... and you should be able to see my blog sitting neatly in the grey bit in the middle ...
(if not - oops - feel free to tell me - it looks fine at this end! ... but I have not tested it in a variety of different browsers/on other computers/etc, and I don't really know what I am doing with all this stuff - I just see things I like, and work out how to do them, if I can - so sometimes anything could happen!)
so ... you want one too? ... I guess if you really want to have your blog looking like mine, with the same background then I don't mind ... LOL
Someone has already asked how I did it, (sort of, when she saw my first failed attempt, with the wrong sized image, on ) ... so maybe the other person who reads my blog (well - there might be someone else who reads it - lol) may want to know too ...
I fell over a blog that had a background that came from here - ... but I didn't want to use someone else's background - so I decided to do things the hard way and work out how to do my own! ... so I read the instructions for how to put the backgrounds from her site onto a blog, and did a google search for some more instructions about making backgrounds on blogger blogs ... and kind of put 2 and 2 together (and got 22? ... LOL) and worked out roughly what I would have to do ... then I sort of half followed some instructions, for creating background images for blogs, on a digital scrapbooking site ( ) ... in the hope that if I did what they said for the image size etc it would be the right size (it actually was ok ... once I had reduced it to 50% - LOL ... which is actually not that bad seeing I was using a totally different bit of image editing software and my own photo instead of whatever scrapbooking "elements" they were using)
I fiddled around and put the code into my blog, and worked out that it didn't work if I tried to have the image saved in a post on blogger (that worked fine for the pictures on my blog titles and a few other places ... just didn't work for the background image for some odd reason) ... so I created an account on photobucket (where the scrapbooking page suggested, and had instructions for how to do it so it works) and put the image there ... then created the smaller one and put that there when I realised the big one was too big and re-sizing it on the photobucket site didn't work if I wanted to use it as a background (because it changes some size setting that needs to not be changed for it to work on my blog) ... then I decided that seeing the html code it needs has to live in a widget on my side bar, then I could also include some text and even a link in there ... so I figured I may as well share it with all one of the people who read my blog(s) ... lol
Anyway ... I have just written some instructions here ... I was going to add them in here on this post, but I decided that seeing I am putting a link to those instructions on my sidebar in whatever blogs I am using the background on (where the code that adds the background actually lives) and I am also putting the same link in the HTML code that I am giving them to put on their blog, then it might be a bit neater if it is all in it's own blog post somewhere, rather than in the middle of this long rambly mess ... and my "messing around with stuff" blog seemed like a good place to put stuff like that, because that is what that blog is all about ... (I actually created it so I did have a blog I could mess around with and try stuff out on without messing this one up ... but I decided to post about some of it, and a few other odd things, on there too).
er ... I started typing this blog post several hours ago (but I have got up and done a few other things in the middle of it and then come back again later - lol) but it is now well and truly the next day ... and I still have to go edit that other post to put it's own URL in the html code I have put on there, and put that URL in the background thingy on my blogs so that they link there too ... which I couldn't do until I had actually posted the post and got a URL for it - LOL
... and the dog still has not had the walk I promised to take him for before I went to bed ... I guess it will be a short one ... at least it is safe enough around here to walk the dog in the middle of the night ... besides - what mugger/axe murderer is still going to be up and about, and expecting to find any victims walking around the streets, after midnight?! LOL
(and what will they get if they mug me? - maybe a dog lead? ... and I will even give them my sandals that have holes in the soles ... )

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  1. You're one of kind! And I like your new lily pond look.


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