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Thursday, January 29, 2009


B is for ... Behind ... or should that be Belated? ... well it is only a Bit late for ABC Wednesday ... lol
- I was Busy last night ... or maybe just feeling ... er this is a NICE website so I won't use that other word that a lot of Aussies use ... so I will just say Bushed ... maybe because I am now Back at work after the Christmas Break.

But now I am here to ?Bore you with ?Boundless Beastly and/or Beautiful ... or are they just Bothersome? ... B words/etc ...

Yesterday I wasn't actually at my usual (Boring?) workplace ... I was off at a course for high school science assistants (which is what I am) and the course was called "Bending glass" ... not sure how useful it was, but it was interesting, and fun ... except that I touched the wrong Bit of glass (the hot one I had just put down - oops) and Burnt my finger and gave myself a Blister ... lol

(I know that hot glass looks the same as cold glass, but I forgot that I had just put that bit down a minute earlier - lol)

Unfortunately the Bunsen Burners were not hot enough to do any glass Blowing, but we learnt how to do some glass Bending and joining and made some interesting curly whirly thingys ... But I forgot to take a photo of the ones I took in to work today ... and now they are there and I am here ... B#%^#%& ...

The ones I took to work were a couple bits of leftover coloured glass that I was going to play with on the bunsen burner there (one lunch time or something) and a pretty green coloured twisty curly thingy that I made from a bit of glass rod ... but one end fell off so I was going to melt the sharp bit where it fell off from, and make the end into a bead (seeing it was a loopy bit with a hole in it) ... but the clear bits of bent/etc tubing are still here at home ...

So I just took a photo of those:

the top 2 are some leftover Bits I had not finished doing anything with, the next couple are flared out at one end and sealed at the other ... like if I wanted to make a test tube or something ... (as if I would actually have time to do that at work - lol) ... then there is a Big curly thing in the middle - had to Be Bent a little Bit at a time because the Bunsen flame only heated up a bit at a time ... and because it wouldn't work trying to bend it all at once anyway ... the next one has a loop bent into it and then one end is twisted then folded over into a kind of flat loop (so I can hang it up if I want to - lol) ... and the Bottom one has a flange at one end and a twist in the middle and a twisty point at the other ... I was mucking around to see what I ended up with ... I quite like that Bottom one, so of course that is the one that Broke.

Actually it is amazing that more of them didn't Break - seeing I went there and back on a motorBike, and I had to put my stuff in the Bag on the Back!
(Better than if I had been on a Bicycle though ... and a Bus would have been just as Bad ... or worse ... )

The Bloke who was teaching us about glass has a studio in a nearby town, called Binalong ... lol
(he also handed out Buisness cards, with the link to his website - here - which I am going to go and have a look at sometime when I am not Busy trying to write a Blog post)

btw, he also teaches Bead making ... I do not need another hobby, I do not need another hobby, I do ... er ... actually I probably can't afford it anyway ... sigh ... lol

(I already use quite a lot of Beads in my textile/etc stuff, and tend to buy them here and there when I find them at the right price or I reall like them - lol)

I also took a photo of this crochet Bag that I made in the car on the way to/from Melbourne the other week (we went down for a BBQ at DH's Brother's place ... )

hmmm ... more B words (I am finding Bazillions of them - lol) - the Bag is Brown and a Blueish/greenish colour ... (the zip is green)

Today at work I got to spend most of the day By myself ... all the teachers were off doing some course or something and only one of them came Back to work after it finished ... so no Boss looking over my shoulder - lol (not that the head science teacher is officially my boss anyway - but the person who is my official supervisor has her office in another building and does not have a lot to do with what I do ... so the person I get my "orders" from (who tells me what to do and what not to do and when) is actually the head science teacher ... and we don't actually have one at the moment - he just moved to another school and they have not had time to replace him)

Anyway ... I got to catch up on a few things, and unpack some Boxes of stuff I had ordered from a Big supplier in Queensland ... there are a lot of jokes going around about how Queensland is not just an hour different in time (which it is in Summer because they don't have daylight saving) it is 20 years behind the rest of Australia - LOL ... well - I think today I have found proof! - one of the things I unpacked from the Box was wrapped in a page of newspaper ... and have a look at the date!

(for those who can't read it/don't want to click on it and go to the full size image - it says "August 27th 1992! ... that was Before my teenage daughter was Born ...)

and yes ... that is an article about tractor sales figures - lol (country Bumpkins?)

also - no - those glass things are vacuum flasks, not Bongs!

I really should put that last photo on my Huh? Blog!
(seeing that is where all those silly sorts of things go ... eventually, when I get around to putting them there ... lol)

talking about silly Billy stuff ... maybe I should type in bold ?

I think this post is already long enough, so I don't have to go hunting for a photo of a Bee ...
(I have a few of those) ... and I am sure somebody else will have mentioned Beer ... and if you want something Bizarre then most of my textile art stuff, and most of my blog posts, probably qualify for that one ... LOL

But I do want to mention something called BOINC ... which I think stands for something odd like Berkely Open INfrastructure Computing ... it is where you can set up you computer(s) so that when it is not busy it can do number crunching/etc type work on various projects that are on there ... and one of those projects is SETI@home (Search for Extra Terrestrial Inteligence - where your computer helps them process the data for their search for Aliens - lol) ... which has actually been around for longer than boinc has (and has Been in the media/on movies/etc quite a bit over the years) ... DH has various BOINC stuff running on all the computers in the house (and seeing DH is into computers, we have a few).

Now, I started typing this blog post early in the evening, but I went and did other things for an hour or 3 and then came back, so now it is rather late ... so I really should go to Bed ...

Bye ...


  1. I saw you mentioned BOINC, something you may want to check out is GridRepublic (

    They are a non-profit working in collaboration with BOINC to make everything easy to find and fast and simple to join and control the projects and your computers.

    Its a pretty cool site and they are working to make it easy for anyone to get involved.

  2. Oh, my gosh, I did get such a kick out of this bbblog post! Well done and an excellent read!

  3. That playing with glass stuff looks most interesting!! I might have to try to find a class so I can play too!

    Caution re hot glass and fragile human skin duly noted!


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