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Thursday, January 22, 2009


... better late than never? ... I started typing this early ... but finished it late ...

A ...

... is for ... me! LOL

Ahhhh - what a great oportunity to introduce myself to those who come here and find me via the ABC Wednesday thing ( Here and Here ... I am only listed on the second one though) and to anyone who tripped and fell over my blog/found it some other way - lol

A is for Aykayem, and Also for Andrea - my real name!

... although Aykayem is sort of a real name too - it is a pen name that I invented when I was about 15 years old, and then used for my online name when I discovered the internet/www - I think the first online thing I used it for was my yahoo ID ... and since then I have used it for a heap of other things too - because it is made up, it usually isn't already used when I sign up for something ... so I don't have to be "Andrea30057" or "anotherAndreaDownunder" or "XxX-Andrea62-XxX" or whatever - I can just be "Aykayem" - LOL
(btw - none of those other names are me, just in case anyone goes looking and someone is actually using them ... although I did manage to get in early enough with one free web-based email and get my own name! ... which reminds me - I really should log in and check it one day - in case someone has actually sent me something important - LOL)

So how did I come up with the name "Aykayem" ... well - back then (before I got married) my initials were A.K.M. ... so if one says the letters - Ay Kay eM ... one comes up with AyKayeM ... it was easy to say, and sounded a bit exotic ... and I liked it - LOL

A is also for Awful and/or Awesome ... not sure which one I am though ;-)
... funny how aweSOME means totally great, yet awFULL is actually worse ... maybe it is better to only have some of whatever it is? ... but how come full of awe is what those looking at something awsome are ... and is totally different to awfull ... maybe the e makes a difference?
(the english language is weird!)

A is also for:
Alpabet and ABC Wednesday ... such a fun game to play - LOL

Amazing ... er ... I probably have heaps of photos that someone would say that about ... but not that many that everyone would say it about - LOL

And ... now that this is so late - I can also mention the Amazing thunderstorm we had here this Afternoon ... but I will put some photos/etc in Another post ...

Antelope ... er ... yes ... I have a pink knitted antelope ... actually I think it was probably a horse, but when I was at uni, someone "invented" something called "Antelope day" ... the first year all that happened was a few posters went up saying that some particular date was "antelope day" ... the next year they actually had an "antelope day" party ... I think I won the prize for "the biggest antlers" - some that I made using a couple of peacock feathers ... the next year I kind of just added to them and made them bigger - and won the prize for "least original antlers" - LOL ... and the pink knitted "antelope" ... which was probably a horse but had sticks for antlers ... was my prize for one of those ... I can't remember which one now ... it was back in the early 80s ... longer ago than yesterday - LOL
(I would have put a photo in here, but I kept forgetting to go and FIND the thing and take one)

hmmmm what else? ...

Advetising (that google stuff down the side doesn't seem to have made me any money yet - lol)

Attic (one of those would be handy to store junk in, but I don't have one)

Alopeccia (no thanks - I want to keep my hair on ... although I would probably shave my head if someone paid me, or paid enough money to that cancer charity that does that head shaving fundraiser thingy )

Algernon Pithington Watson (some ficticious name that someone put on his name tag at a scout leader's course that my dad went to once)

Alpacca - there are 2 of those that sometimes live in the local patch of grassland - they are there when the mob of sheep are in there - yes - they are gaurd alpacca! ... and they do a good job at it too. I wonder if there is something about them on the www still? ... drats - couldn't find it.

Ant ... er ... I think I have a photo of one somewhere ... I wonder where?
actually - this post is about ants - (and has a photo with quite a few ants in it)

Although ... there is Also an Ant in this photo of a flower from the Asteraceae family ... er ... then again ... maybe pig face isn't a daisy (didn't think it quite looked right, but not having the actual flower to poke around at I couldnt tell, so I just looked it up on the www) ... Ah ha - it is actually in the Aizoaceae family ... well - they say "you learn something new every day" ...

There are a few more pictures, of Australian Aizoaceae here.
(it looks like it is actually part of an instect website ... I might have to go and have another look there sometime ;-)

Abacus ... I have one of those ... somewhere ... only a miniature one, think it may have been some souvenir from somewhere ... I think it is in the wooden trunk that we use as a coffee table and I can't be bothered moving all the junk off the top.

hmmmm ... maybe I can find an A plant or 3? and/or an A insect/etc (maybe one of the spiders I have taken photos of is a genus/species that starts with a?) ...
... Actually, I won't bother looking for any more photos now - because I have so much other A stuff in here now - LOL

Android - this one is kind of cute - if he were real (rather than a character played by an actor) I would love to meet him.

and ... Astronomy ... can't forget that one, seeing 2009 IS the International Year of Astronomy

It is also the year of natural fibres or something too ...
... which is why I have the ?Astronomical task of trying to work out what to make, for a textile exhibiton, that fits the theme of "Heaven and Earth" - LOL
(actually I think the problem will be my usual one - too many ideas and not enough time to do them! ... sigh)

And ... one more A thing that one of my kids just happened to mention to me today (the kid who didn't know I did silly posts about letters of the Alphabet on my blog) - both my kids know different members of a new band called Ashton Skies ... and my son told me I should go and listen to them on their myspace page and tell everyone about them ... Actually they don't sound too bad - LOL
(a lot better than some of the other stuff they listen to - lol - although oddly enough, there is some music that everyone in the family likes ... and some that the kids and I both like ... and there is also some stuff that I like and nobody else does - lol)

oh drats - it got the better of me - I can't do an A post without at least one Arachnid in it!

... I cheated with this photo, and rather than uploading another one (which tends to mess up all the formatting of whatever text I already have in here) I used one I had already uploaded when I posted it to Spot, The Blog - which is Actually a good place to go if you want to see lots of photos of the Animals I share this house with, and a few other odd ones too.
(yes Data, the Android, has a cat called spot - and I have a blog called Spot ... I know - I am weird - but my weird mind just had to see if I could have a spot blog on blog spot ... or something like that ... )

Anyway ... I can still think of more A words ... but I am sure nobody really wants to see too much Anatomy or some of the others I thought of (I will Abstain from posting anything too Awkward or Awful - lol) ... and there are plenty of pictures of Apples and Avocados and stuff on the www ... so I had better post this before it is time for B ...

(hmmmm time for B? ... or time for A BEER? LOL ... I could drink one of those now ... if I wasn't about to go get some sleep - lol ... and I could have put a photo of it here too - seeing it is referred to as Amber Ale - LOL)



  1. Well, that was a most interesting post for ABC Wednesday! On behalf of the team, I thank you for taking part!

    I love the ant on the flower, and the archnid, too! And I have to tell you that I have a similar online name as your Aykayem, and for similar reasons!

  2. Wow! Like the page of a dictionary! I love it!


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