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Thursday, January 08, 2009



- Y not?

actually - Y is for Yesterday ... which is when I should have posted my "Y" post for ABC Wednesday

(I could cheat and back date this post, but I am not going to ...)

hmmm I now have a particular song going around in my head ... The Beatles song -"Yesterday" - LOL ... and, talking about Beatles songs - I notice someone actually FOUND a yellow submarine ... lol

Now ... I wonder what photos I can put in here for Y?

[andrea goes and rummages around in her folders of photos]

I found something Yellow, but I have already posted about it here

I know I have a pile of photos of things that are Yucky ...

ah - this one is perfect - how about a Yucky Yellow dog:

yes - he is all wet and Yucky, and he has been rolling in and shredding something Yucky - a dead sheep! ... he is also a golden retriver, so his fur colour is sometimes refered to as Yellow.

[Andrea gets called away from computer and does a pile of other stuff]

a few hours later:

I was going to go find some more yucky stuff - like photos of sheep and cow poo and mouldy things, and half disected eyeballs and bones etc, and something the dog rolled in one night on a walk, and a probably a few other horrible things like that ...

but I got interrupted by DS (Dear Son) - who is 18 Years old today ... and, for his birthday present, he just did his motorcycle learners course yesterday and got his learners permit today
(he already has his car licence) ... and so of course he wanted to take my new bike for a lap (or 5) around the block ...

... and I noticed that gives me a few more Y words to put in this blog post ... LOL

I said Yes ... he didn't say, but probably thought something along the lines of, "Yippee!" or "Yaaaaaaay" ... and I thought Yikes! ... this is my son ... who I am sure was still a Young kid just Yesterday, now old enough to go out and legally drink alcohol, and riding off (not quite "into the sunset" - lol) on a motorcycle ...

... where have the last few Years gone??!!!

[another few hours pass, while I watch a couple of TV shows with DH, then fiddle around with a photo, etc]

so Y was I fiddling with photos in the middle of typing up a blog post?

well ... because I was busy fiddling with this particular photo:

(this is the copy which I have rotated and re-sized to put it here, but not done anything else to yet)

The one that is the result of an hour or 2 worth of fiddling is now my blog background (until I have another fiddle/find a better one/whatever and change it - LOL - in which case you will have to go and find it here ... on the blog post (on one of my other blogs) that I just spent another hour or 2 typing/etc! LOL) [later edit: this is a "how to" post for this background - which Lindi just asked me to do ... I probably should have mentioned that the "other post" I had been typing IS a "how to" one, when I wrote this post - but I forgot - LOL]

Yes ... it is now "tomorrow" ... I started typing this blog post YesterdaY ... which is why I am Yawning - LOL
(I have not spent the whole time doing this though - there were all those interruptions where I left the computer for an hour or 5 and did other things, and me doing a lot of fiddling with html/etc and putting the background onto a couple of blogs, and also getting up and down to let the dog in/out, put on another load of washing, etc)
I have left the time on this post as it was - the time I started it - but it is now almost 5am the next day!!!

Y do I always seem to get lost in here for so long?!? LOL

Good thing I don't have to get up early in the morning ...
(but the one after I do ... sigh ... but it is because we will be driving down to Melbourne to visit DHs family ;-)

[Andrea Yawns and hopefully heads off to bed]


  1. Beautiful photo!
    I still haven't had time to work out how to do that background thing-y. Couldn't you do a How To post? Pleeease?

  2. er ... I already did!
    - that is what that other blog post (the one I said I spent another 2 hours typing/etc) was - LOL
    (I probably should have mentioned what it was when I said I had been typing it - oops?)
    There is also a link to it in my side-bar (I put it there with the code that does the background ;-)
    It is here
    ... or if it is the other picture you liked (or you want to have a go and make your own) then just go here - because if you look at the other one you will have to go to this one for the other half of the instructions anyway.

  3. This is the blog of a lady with a very full life!

    (Newcastle NSW)


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