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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Z zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

Ok ... ABC Wednesday time again ... what do I write about/take photos of for Z?

zzzzzzzzzz? - because I usually post stuff here when I should be sleeping.

Zany? ... because that word does describe me rather well sometimes.

I wanted to post about Zoonoses, because that word is actually in my blogger profile - but I don't have any of my own photos of ringworm or scabies, or any other diseases one can catch from animals ... and I already cheated and posted a screen shot of my blog with the word zoonoses in the profile back when I was doing the "Scatterday" thing ...
(hmmmm - I just noticed something - my FIRST Scatterday post was my Z one! ... we didn't do the letters in order - we got a random one each week and usually had 3 things that we had to take photos of ... but we were allowed to do what we liked for Z becuase the person running it thought that Z might be too hard if we had to do it the usual way - lol)

... so I did a google search for "Z" (and didn't find a lot) ... and then one for "Z words" ... and I found a few lists of unusual z words (a good one was here - I think that might be where I found a few good X words for that scatterday x post I did), and I also found a pile of odd things to use to help win scrabble games, and an education website that has a thingy where you can create a word search ... so - I chose a whole pile of Z words and created ...

Aykayem's Zany Z Word Search

so - if you are game/mad enough to try it - see if you can find each of the following words:
(note - they go forwards backwards, up and down, diagonal ... every which way they can, as long as it is a straight line, ... just to make it a real challenge - lol
and - you can click on it to get a bigger version of the bit you find the words in ... I probably should have put the words as part of the image, so you could print it out and have it all together ... oops?)


Oh OK - it got the better of me - I just went back to my original screen shot of the word search web page and made another image (hopefully a reasonably printable one) with the list of words beside it ... click on this one and you should get a bigger version ... which you can print as is, or make it landscape and fit to paper or whatever ...)

You might even find some extra (not z) words that found their way in there by chance (I saw "bat" in there somewhere) ... and I have found at least 6 extra "Zoo"s in there too - something to do with all those z's and o's it seems to have put in there, I guess ... (and I didn't count the ones that are part of words like zoology)

Here are the answers:

... if you want it to actually be big enough to see - click on it for the full size version ;-)
(I didn' want you to see the answers unless you actually WANTED to)

btw - there are lots of websites where you can create word searches/crosswords/sodoku/etc puzzles with your choice of words (the teachers at the school I work at use them a lot) ... I found the one I used to make this word search at

Your other challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to go find a dictionary (online or a real one) and look up the meanings of all those words ... LOL
(or if we go around the alphabet again I might have to do that for my z post next time - lol)

btw, I was wondering what the plant I got given a couple of weeks ago was ... yes - it is a Zygocactus! ... but I have not taken a photo of it and it isn't in flower or anything so I can't be bothered taking one right now ... lol

anyway ... I was going to set this to publish at 1 minute past midnight (because I typed most of it during the afternoon), but I didn't get around to coming back in here and doing that ... and when I did come back in here - it was already midnight - LOL


  1. I was trying to read the list of "Z" words, but before I got through them I was zzzzzzzzzzz :)

  2. A plethora of Z words! Thanks for the puzzle making link!


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