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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Just before I started typing up my last post I was doing my usual and getting side-tracked and ended up "blog surfing" ... and I found a link to this:

... so I had a look at her blog, and (in a fit of madness?) I put this comment on her latest post:

I think I have kind of joined in (a few days late) without even realising it until I had ... lol
- I came in here to post to my blog ... 3rd day in a row, after 2 months of nothing and only 7 posts since the end of April ... and I kind of did my usual thing and got lost blog surfing and came across something about Blogtoberfest ... so I just had to come and look - LOL
I DO have a LOT of stuff I have been meaning to post to my blog, and was planning to try and have a bit of a catch up and post some more of it in the next week or 3 ... so maybe it was "meant to be" LOL
I will try and keep up for a while ... might not be every day (I do have family/other things to do) ... but I will see how many posts I can do this month ... I wonder if I can break my record ... probably not - I actually posted to my blog 20 times in the first month when I started blogging back in January 2005, but not all of the posts actually said much ...
(and there are still a few things I was thinking of putting on my blog then, that I still have not blogged about!)

So ... I wonder how long I can keep up for? LOL

... actually I probably won't be posting every day, but I might try and make up for that by posting more than once on another day ... but both posts might not be on the same blog - I also have a couple of things I want to post to spot the blog ... and I might stick some other stuff on one of my other weird blogs too ...

... or I might just kind of get busy again and not post much at all for ages again ... LOL

(but if I do that - feel free to leave me a "kick up the backside" or whatever in the comments!)

Talking about 1 post a day or 2 posts on one day etc ... this will either be the day after the last post, or the same day ... depends if the fact that there is now a heading for "scheduled" as well as "drafts" etc means that if I put tomorrows date on it it goes tomorrow ... or if it does what it used to do and just turn up on my blog straight away ... lol
but if it does go straight to my blog, then in about 10 minutes time it will probably correct itself because it will BE the time that I have put on this post ...

P.S. - cool ... I am now back in here editing this a couple minutes later ... Blogger now does the one thing it didn't do that I wanted it to ;-)
- I hit the "publish post" button and a red bar appeared at the top, with the word "error" on it ... "oh oh" I thought ... but then before I could decide what to do it all vanished and was replaced by my list of posts - with this one marked "scheduled" and a message up the top of the page saying that my post will be published at ... (the time and date I put on here) ... which is about 5 minutes away ... better go look at my actual blog and make sure it really isn't there yet and see if it appears - LOL

P.P.S. - I am back in here editing this again - this time AFTER the scheduled publishing time ... yay - it worked just like it was meant to ... not that I thought it wouldn't - lol
he he he ... *evil grins* - now I can cheat and type up a few things and schedule a post each day ... once I get around to taking any required photos and putting them onto the computer and finding any links and digging all the stuff out of the various places I have saved bits of stuff I want to post about and then typing up a few posts, that is ... LOL

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