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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Slurp ... stretch ... flop ...

Sometimes I think I must live in a zoo or something ...

Click on this for an even closer up look - go on - I dare you!

I just (yesterday) posted the above photo (which my daughter took the other day), and about a dozen others that are just as weird, to "Spot The Blog"

I also posted this one there:

- yes - the cat likes to wash the dog!

If you want to see the rest you will have to go there and look ... LOL

but you won't find this one there ... I just found this now, while I was looking for something else:

Spook sure sleeps in some strange positions ...

... so does the dog

actually I don't think he was asleep ... nor was I ... maybe this is just a bit TOO friendly? LOL

btw ... most photos on my blog are ones I have taken ... if someone else took them I usually mention that ... unless I forget, or it is rather obvious that I didn't take it (like the last one in this post - which is fairly obvious I didn't take it because I am IN it ... LOL)

also ... I am NOT cheating for this post (but I probably will for the next 2 - and type them now and schedule them to be published on the next 2 days - lol) ... for this one I just changed the time on the bottom to what time it is now - as I am about to hit the "publish post" button (unless I change it - and I usually don't - the time on the bottom is the time I started typing the post ... the time I actually finish and post it is usually an hour or 3 later ... depending on what I am putting in there and how many other things I am doing at the same time as posting to my blog - lol)

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