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Friday, October 10, 2008


... is the title of the sea urchin bowl I made for the ACTTAA exhibition that was on recently.

Here is a photo of it on display:

It was made from some hand dyed fabric I found in my stash, which was quilted in 7 segments, which were then decorated with suffolk puffs (yoyos) and sewn to 7 same shaped bits of stiffened backing (using blanket/buttonhole stitch)- then I crocheted around the segments and added the beads (coconut shell beads I have had for about 20 years!) and then laced the segments together with the same thread ... then I added the fluffy red yarn around the top because it told me it wanted to be there ... LOL

why a sea urchin bowl? - actually it was something I had the idea for years ago but had never got around to attempting - and the theme for the exhibition was "The Living Reef?" and sometime just before entry forms were due in I remembered the sea urchin bowl idea and decided to make one.

and here is the veiw out of the window above where the bowl was on display - a rather interesting veiw of wintery tree branches ...

I also exhibited this:

it is called "Preserving the Reef" ... and it looks like stuff in a jar or water because it IS stuff in a jar of water - crochet seaweed/coral/etc ... with a couple of rocks sewn in the bottom to make it sink and some bean bag "beans" (styrofoam beads) that I coloured in with a permanent marker sewn on the ends of the seaweed to make it float ... I will try and take some better photos of it in the next few days (photos of stuff in a jar of water with stuff in the background don't always work out too well) ... I need to take the photos in the next few days because I think I ought to empty the water out soon - else it might all rot and/or go slimy/mouldy or something (but if I empty out the water and dry all the seaweed/etc out, then I can keep it all in the jar in case I ever want to add water and display it somewhere again ... lol)

The 3rd thing I entered was this fishy looking thing:

which I made, and blogged about, earlier in the year - I decided that because it looked fishy then it could BE fishy! ... so I called it "Something Fishy" and entered it!

I also made this scarf, necklace and bag as my donation for the raffle prizes:

the scarf is done in Tunisian double crochet, the necklace is crochet and beads and the bag is made by quilting some fabric and adding a bit of stitching etc.

I also put these earrings in the bazaar:

but nobody bought any ... lol

(oh well ... I made them years ago and had tucked them away and forgotten about them until I found them late last year ... and of course I made the cards to display them on at the last minute in a hurry so they were not that attractive looking ... not compared to some of the other amazing stuff people had made to sell ... )

I also had a few other things in the bazaar - crochet phone socks (which also didn't sell) and crochet scarves like the one I did for the raffle (sold a couple of those) and crochet beanies (think I sold one of them ... they were a bit too weird and the weather was getting too warm to sell beanies) and fabric/bead necklaces (made them years ago too ... and didn't sell any)

I also had 2 things in the fashion parade - one was a crochet shawl which I still don't have a photo of ... was a bit hard to get one of it in the fashion parade, even though it wasn't me wearing it - because I was busy wearing other things in the fashion parade (one of mine and 3 that other people had made) ... when I get around to taking a photo of it I will blog about that in it's own post ...

The other thing I made for the fashion parade, and wore in the parade, is also something I will blog about separately later - it was a crochet outfit (a long vest thingy and boots and a weird beanie) ... and a photo of me wearing it ended up in the Sunday newspaper!

er ... now that it is 4am I had better post this ... well - by "post" I actually mean I will stick the time I want blogger to post it on there and hit the "publish post" button and let blogger post it tomorrow night - LOL
(yes I am cheating - I probably should be asleep when this post gets posted ... I probably won't be ... but I probably won't be in here getting lost in cyberspace either - LOL ... and I would probably be doing the same thing even it I hadn't said I was doing "Blogtoberfest" - because I think it looks neater with a post on each day than it does with 2 posts on one day)


  1. i like your unusual sense of time when it comes to posting :)

    what I REALLY like, however, is your something fishy. is is fishy. wonderfully so!

  2. Love all your reef things.
    As to the other stuff, why not sell them on etsy?

  3. Oh, I love your sea anemone bowl. Did you use fast 2 fuse stiffener?

  4. er ... I was looking for something and fell over this post (thought what I was looking for may have been in here, but it wasn't)
    I don't think I ever answered your question, Bizarre Quilter (sorry)
    - no I didn't use fast 2 fuse, I used some odd stiff stuff that I got when I pulled apart a bunch of furnishing fabric samples, because I didn't have any fast 2 fuse or any other pelmet vilene/etc at the time ... the stuff I used was some kind of thick interfacing stuff, but I am sure fast 2 fuse or any other similar stiffener would work ok
    I never do things exactly "by the book" - partly because I am probably no good at following other people's instructions, and partly because I don't always have the "proper" stuff and am too cheap to go buy it - so I use whatever else I have that will work - lol


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