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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fig Jam

Those who are/have been in the Army, or those who live with them, will know what this title means ... LOL

( FIG JAM = F... I'm Good, Just Ask Me)

except I am not so sure I am that clever ... but those who saw this thing said they thought I was ... LOL

what thing?

my jar of "stuff" that I put in the ACTTAA exhibition!
(yes I finally got around to taking some sort of half ok photos yesterday)

A weird new variety of jam? LOL
(the label was actually an afterthought ... I did it at work just before I took an early lunch break to go deliver this, and my other things ... but often my afterthoughts are just what something needs to make them compete -lol)

yes - the photo is a bit blurry (the camera focussed perfecly on some other bit besides the actual label - LOL) but the label is readable so I can't be bothered trying for a better photo ...

ok ... here it is sitting on a clipboard/folder (first solid/flat thing I found) on the bed (the bedroom was the room where it was still fairly light at the time, and I had just gone in there and taken photos of the quilt I will probably blog about in the next day or 2, and I saw the jar sitting on the dressing table and remembered I needed to do something about that too ...)

hmmm ... nice silhouette ... lol

maybe I should try a different camera setting for those close up shots?

"hmmm" thinks I "this one - 'behind glass' - might work?" ... yes - it did - lol

that is the crochet fish ... on some crochet weed ...

This is a not so close up of that side of the jar:

maybe I needed MORE rocks sewn into the bottom? ... it still seems to be floating UP ...

and this is another side, with a crochet sea urchin in there ...

there is a pink starfish in there somewhere too, but it didn't show up in any of these photos - lol

here is another side:

er... those blue/purple balls seem to stand out a lot now! - they are the styrofoam beads (to make the seaweed float up) that I coloured in with permanent marker - they were not so obvious when I first put this together, but they seem to have faded quite a bit since I first put the stuff in the jar!

Here is another side

the fluffy red blob was meant to look like a sea anenome ... it sort of does to me ... but maybe one needs a good imagination? LOL

I really should tip the water out and wash/rinse the crochet stuff, and dry it ... (and maybe take some more photos of it dry?) ... before it goes slimy/starts to rot or something ... LOL

I also really should go to bed and get some sleep ... I keep yawning ... a lot ... and I was already tired about 5 hours ago ... sigh ... the joys of being back at work and having to get up in the mornings ...



  1. This is amazing, looks great!

    I've made it 'Blogtoberfest Fave Friday' play along if you like...check out my post. xx


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