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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

weird world

The world is a weird place ... or at least this bit of it sure looks like it ...

no ... it isn't some blobby white creature with brown things eating it ...

it is a daisy seed head

pretty isn't it ... pity it is a weed - lol

this is also weird - the foyer of the shops where we do our grocery shopping ...

... full of ... snow?
or did someone have a pillow fight?

no - it is just what it looks like - lots of white fluff!

inside and outside ... blowing around the street ... drifting through the air ... happens about this time every year actually ... makes some people sneeze/etc (the only time it has made me sneeze is when I was driving somewhere and one blew in my car window and went UP my nose - LOL) ... it is a sure sign that "spring is in the air"

so is this:

I left the carpet square from out of the bottom of the trailer on the driveway to dry (it got rained on) ... and while I was getting some stuff out of the car (blue bit in foreground of photo is the car bonnet) a magpie came and stole some threads off the edge ... it must be nesting season ;-)

Another sure sign of spring - the lavender bush is full of bees!

see - purple and orange DO go together!
(yes I know - the bee is out of focus ... but the leaves below and to the left of it are not - lol)

another sign of sping - I think the lawn needs mowing ... so the dog is helping - by pretending to be a cow and eating the grass!

yes - he does that a lot ... especially this species of grass - he isn't sick or anything - he just seems to like the taste of it!
(actually I think that grass is in the garden rather than on the lawn ... I guess the garden needs weeding too ... sigh ... )

another sign of sping in the air ... blowflies!

but they are usually flying around buzzing and being annoying - like I said - this bit of the world is weird - so I had to pick up a soggy dead one off the bathroom floor this afternoon!

- ask the dog!
(yes ... he tried to catch it, I had to catch it for him, he thought about eating it ... but I guess it tasted disgusting even to him ... )
I did take some video of him chasing it, and stuff, ... but I won't put that here/now ... I was actually down there in the bedroom (the fly on the floor is in the ensuite) taking photos of a quilt, which I was thinking of blogging about tonight ... until I noticed how many other weird things I had taken photos of this afternoon! ... so I will have to blog about the quilt tomorrow/the next day/whenever ...

(yes I missed posting for a couple of days ... I didn't say I was going to be able to post every day in October ... just that I would try and see how close I could get ... lol ... life is still busy at times ... back to work this week too ... have not had to go to work for the last 2 weeks because it was school holidays and I work at a school - lol)


  1. what great photos! I love the dog eating grass. Mine does that too. then usually, he pukes. good times.

  2. My friends's son collects those seed heads 'to put in a vase" :)
    BTW I've linked to you in the latest issue of Blogtoberfest Blog Crawl:

    Happy Blogtober!


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