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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Strange Planet?

This is a strange looking place:

no ... doesn't quite look right for Mars, or the Moon ...

hmmm ... an alien city maybe?

but this is the same place ...

and it isn't a Tsumami ... LOL

yes - this is the same place too ...

one can see some rather strange and interesting things along the beach!

... and no - I am not at the beach and I have not just got back from there (more's the pity) ... I actually took these photos a few years ago - I just found them while I was digging around looking for something else ... lol

The holes in the first 2 photos, and the squiggles in the next one (snail trails in the sand actually) could lead to some interesting quilt ideas/designs - if I ever get around to it ... LOL

btw, I am not cheating with this post ... I actually started typing it today at 15:49 (3:49pm) ... but I stopped in the middle and went and had a shower, dropped DD off to work, had tea, walked the dog, and a few other things, before I came back in here to finish typing it and post it (so it is now actually 9pm (21:00) ... LOL

What I DIDN'T do in the middle of this post, or any other time today, was to try and take a better photo (than the one I already have) of the quilt I wanted to blog about (so you are stuck looking at weird rocks/etc instead ;-)

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  1. just catching up on your interesting life lol. Think it gets more interesting as the time goes by.


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