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Sunday, October 05, 2008

look what I found

(that one was just too hard to resist! lol)

[a long time passes ...]
I actually typed that first bit of this post on the 25th of June! ... and then got called away from the computer or something, saved it as a draft, and kind of never got around to actually posting it!

In fact it has also been a fair while since I posted anything else here too - oops ...

(hmmm this red is a bit TOO red)

... yes - I still exist ... just been busy doing stuff and not getting around to blogging about it - sorry.

I have been meaning to rectify that situation for a while, but I just never seem to quite get there ... but I did get as far as logging in here the other day and fiddling with my blog template and adding/fixing a couple little things, including adding the "followers" thingy in the sidebar (blogger have come up with the thing where one can follow blogs ... so I now follow a few, and at least one person is now following mine!) ... there are a few other things that probably need fixing too, but they can wait ... lol

I have also just posted something else to the blog that this post was originally about ( ) - yes it IS mine! ... I am sure someone else used to have that URL ... I think I had found it before and went looking for it again and found out it didn't exist any more and that the URL was available on blogger - so I "snaffled" it while I could - LOL

I also fiddled with too
- yes that one is mine as well ... I have several (there are links to some in the sidebar, and to all of them in my profile) ...
I had big ideas for a couple of different blogs for different things but I kind of never got around to what I had planned to ... (except I do sometimes put photos/etc. onto ), and the messing around with stuff one was one I created so I could test stuff/try stuff out to see if/how it worked before I tried it in here and messed it up or something ... lol)

I was going to blog about something else until I noticed this unfinished/unposted item sitting in here ... there are a few more too ... but a couple of those had reasons why I didn't post them yet ...

things like me needing to take photos of stuff and keep forgetting to do so - lol

... which reminds me ... I was going to put some photos onto the computer now - because the photo of the thing I logged in here to post about is still on the memory card in the camera - LOL

I will post this and then do another post about the other thing - it is almost Midnight, so by the time I get the photos onto the computer and type up the post, it will be tomorrow ... lol

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