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Saturday, December 24, 2005

I keep getting lost in here ...

I just got lost at the department again
... This person takes some amazing photos!
(and she writes good haiku/etc too)

... I actually came in here to e-mail my Xmas card to a few people I didn't send real cards to ... so I guess I had better do that, then I probably should go to bed so I am asleep when Saint Nick/Santa/Father Christmas comes to tidy up/sort out my sewing room, and the mess in the garage, for me (yeah - like that is really going to happen ... not! ... sigh ... I guess I will just have to do it myself ...)


I just got called away from the computer - dear daughter wanted to show me a cute little spider she found in the bathroom (she can't decide between being afraid of spiders like most 12 year old girls, or interested in them like her mum is ... lol ... so she likes to look at them, but I have to catch them and remove them from her room and take them outside)

On the way back in here my mind started to wander ... and I came up with this -

... 'twas the night before Christmas,
and in this here house,
everyone was still awake,
except for my spouse ...

- yep - my husband went to bed ages ago, but the kids are night owls like I am - LOL

(and no I won't give up my day job yet!)

Merry Christmas,

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