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Thursday, December 29, 2005

something I said, on a hat yahoogroup, a few weeks ago

yes - another "instant" post to my blog - a few weeks ago, I said this on a yahoogroup I am on ...
(so why say it all again when I can copy and paste it and add to it where needed? lol)

----- Original Message -----
From: me
To: the "If_the_hat_fits" yahoogroup (one of 3 I am on, that is run by the person who owns the website ... which is as much about crochet as it is about knitting, else i probably wouldn't have gone there)
Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2005 8:46 PM
Subject: Hats ... (what else would I talk about on a hat list?)

Well ... probably lots of things actually but this time it actually IS hats ...
I actually have a few things I wasplanning to say
... and for some odd reason I have decided to number them(in no particular order) ... I know - I am weird .

1. I hardly ever post here and don't get time to read half the e-mail, but I do try to catch up with it all ever now and then ...
but I do still have a half crocheted hat on the go (not that I have actually crocheted any of itfor a few weeks - but it has been to work and back with me for the last weekor so - in case I ever get enough of a lunch break to go and sit somewhereand crochet ... lol) ... it is black and silvery white (some weird ball of yarn I got at an op shop ).

2. I finally got around to looking at the latest online exhibiton (yes - the August one ... now that it is November! LOL) ... what wonderful hats everyone has made - my effort kind of looks like a poor cousin next to all the others . (those are here - )

3. When the call for pictures for the August online exhibition went out, I did have another hat I had finished, but I didn't send in a picture becauseI was about to exhibit it in the TASDA (Textile Art and Surface DesignAssociation) exhibition that we had here in Canberra a couple of monthsago - and one of the rules was that it wasn't supposed to have beenexhibited elsewhere ... and Online exhibitions are still exhibitions ... lol
(I will try to remember to put it in the next one (oops - I forgot) ... it is a hat I crocheted from all sorts of bits of blue yarn, so I called it "blue hat" ... which brings me to the main reason I decided to post to the list right now ...

4. I found out about a fun excuse to make another blue hat sometime between now and next June - ... I found out about the blue hat thingy from someone who was at a crazy quilt retreat I went to (it was one that we had for a crazy quilting yahoogroup I am on) ...I had half forgotten about it, but I just thought of it a little while ago and went and found the website . ... I also looked at the rest of thewebsite and found out something else too ...

5. The first week in September was HAT WEEK ... and I didn't even know ...LOL

6. er ... I am sure there is something else ... might have to put on my thinking hat ... lol
... actually talking about that ... my search forthat blue hat website turned up some rather interesting websites ...
including heaps of stuff about some really weird educational thingy to dowith coloured hats for different types of tasks your brain does ... or something like that ... (here is one of them - ... er ... not sure if I really want to try on any of those hats ... they are weirder than mine )


... it is now at least 2 days after I typed the rest of this e-mail ... (I got called away from the computer for something or other and saved it in the drafts folder )
... I finished the crochet hat I was talking about - did it in front of the tv last night ... it looks weird ... as usual ... LOL
I think I remembered what the other thing I was going to say was though ...

7. I keep having to "swap hats" at home, work, etc ... like at work - I work at the same school my kids go to ... most of the time I am the science assistant there, but sometimes I have to put on my "parent" hat and pay for excursions or talk to the teachers about the kids school work/assignments/homework (or lack thereof ... ). Unfortunately it is a bit hard to wear more than one hat at a time ... especially when it involves going to 2 meetings, both on at the same time in different places ... I wonder if I can come up with a weird idea for a set of hats on that theme? ("swapping hats") ... not sure I would have time to make it/them though ... sigh ...

anyway ... it is time I sent this weird stuff and let ds (dear son) have the computer - he is sitting beside me complaining I am sending my life story and driving me bats - and he will probably continue to do so until either I let him at the keyboard or dh tells him it is bed time (fairly soon actually - that is why he is getting so impatient - and saying "no" every time I start another sentence ... LOL)

disorganised in Dunlop
(a suburb of Canberra, Australia)

I really should send in a few more photos of hats ... and scarves and bags - for the scarf and bag exhibitions ( those are at and ) ... those are the other 2 yahoogroups of hers that I am on ... except I never seem to get around to reading or posting to them very often

... seems to be the story with all my yahoogroups and my blog ... maybe I am on too many yahoogroups? LOL (but the ones i do read, even if only sometimes, are all ones I want to read and post to and want to stay on ... maybe I need to clone a few copies of myself maybe a dozen of me could keep up with all the stuff I want to do?)

I really should post this and go get some sleep ...
(before Mum starts reading my blog and tells me off for having too many late nights ... lol ... I know - I am 43 ... but ... Mum will always be my Mum - LOL)

(I think .. lol)

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