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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

someone might actually be reading this!

Wow ... my Christmas card got 5 comments ;-)

I suppose it helps to actually tell people I have a blog - LOL
(actually I have told people on a few yahoogroups I am on, but I probably need to mention it a bit more often than once a year)

I suppose, if anyone is going to read this, I had better actually POST stuff here, so that they have something to read ...

... and I probably should post the other pictures and stuff that I have previously said that I would post "sometime" ... because if "sometime" isn't soon, it will probably end up being closer to never ...

but first ... something silly I found while surfing around on some random blogs just before I logged in here (I am not sure if I like or hate the thingy on the log in page that lists a featured blog and also a continously updating list of blogs that have just been updated that minute - some of the names catch my eye and sound interesting so i can't always resist going for a "quick peek" ... )

I found the perfect gift for someone to give to that someone who is impossible to buy for because they already have everything - slippers with headlights!
(and where I found it was just as weird - a venture capitilist blog ... not sure why I was reading that, when I don't even really know what it is, let alone anything about the subject! ... the title sounded interesting - it was the featured blog on the log in page - lol - - just in case anyone wants to go and read the blog of some bloke who founded some big company that is now suing Microsoft for patent infringment)

and ... for those who want some lighter reading - I got lost for a while in cyberspace - here - - is a true "urban legend" that is quite interesting

(and that person who created that light display definitely has too much time on his hands! LOL)
... I followed the link to his other display - the kids (little or big) might like that one better ... except that it has to be the worst rendition of jingle bells i have ever heard!

The bloke even has instructions on how to do it up on the www ...
so - who is going to have a fancy new synchronised to music light display next Christmas? LOL

Maybe if they do they can post it here - (this particular one ... if the link is still working when u read this ... is a couple of streets away from here (I might have to go for a walk over there this evening - I saw a heap of others nearby last night, but I missed that one)

while I am here ... (I have been surfing to all sorts of strange places in between typing this stuff) ...
This ... is weird ... I don't think I will even try to describe it.
I found it on a link that I followed when I was at this page - - which is a different sort of weird ... it is the website of the church of the flying spaghetti monster! LOL

on that note ... I had better go and do something useful ... like cook some tea and then go tidy up some more of the garage (which still kind of looks like someone has had a bunfight with the flying spaghetti monster and all his mates)

good evening ... lol

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