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Thursday, December 29, 2005

I probably should have been doing something else ...

Someone posted something, about a quilt website, to a yahoogroup I am on ... and someone must have only seen an answer to it and she posted this -

----- Original Message -----
OK I am lost
what is the typing quilt
I am bored here

so I replied with this ...

you can come and help me sort/tidy my garage if u like ...
(sorting out/tidying/re-arranging the garage - now THAT is boring ... lol)
... there is also my sewing room to do as well it has got so messy I can't do much in there and I can't find anything I want! (hopefully that last problem will be solved after the big sort out - I managed to score 2 cupboards (kind of like linen cupboards) that were being thrown out from work (from 2 science labs that have been gutted and are being totally re-furbished - the cupboards were up the front and were used for books and stuff, or students bags)

re the typing paper quilt ( here - ) ... I am sure a lot of us have done that kind of thing without having to read those particular instructions ...
I have done a similar thing but with log cabin instead of just stripes ... and I did mine quilt as you go (hmmm - I wonder if that name is copyright too?)
... I wonder if quilt as you go would work ok with this one, and do away with the paper - I am sure i could work out a way - those seams all along the edges might be a bit of a bother - maybe the thing to do would be to cut the backing and batting to the finished size and do the strips the unfinished size (so the seams go out over the edges of the backing/batting square - sew the strips then trim to about 1/4" bigger than the backing) and then sew the blocks together so the backing/batting butts together (and maybe sew those edges together a bit to hold things in place better) and then add a separate backing onto the back and quilt in the ditch along the seams where you sewed the blocks together (to do 2 things - hold the backing to the quilt and to provide the lines of quilting that are 'missing' where the blocks were joined)I wonder if that makes sense? lolOf course i would probably use rather large blocks for this, so there are not so many seams to play with ... but maybe not too large if I am using those seams as the quilting lines to attach a separate backing (although i could also quilt inside the blocks again if the backing was too baggy - either along some of the lines or in a totally different pattern over the top could be interesting).
hmmm ... now I wanna go have a play with this idea!... and I have a pile of scrappy strips ... somewhere ... lol
finding something I think is daggy enough to "loose" inside the quilt for the first lot of backing (for the blocks) could be a challenge ... but then again - if the right sort of batting is used then one could get away without using a fabric backing for the blocks ...
disorganised in Dunlop
... yes I do still exist ... I just don't seem to post as often as I used to ...

Then I did some more looking at more of that website, and a bit too much thinking ...
and I posted to the list again -

Hi All,
Here I go again - thinking of more after have already just sent something to the list .
I have just been reading the rest of those typing paper quilt instructions - had a look at the more complicated one too ... and I already have an idea, and a probable colour scheme, and even a name , for a quilt I want to make ... lol
(aahhhrrrrggggghhhh - I think I need an off switch! lol)
and ... I had another thought ... quilt as you go might be a bit of a pain in the whatever with all those triangular shapes ... so then I had an idea ... why use fabric or batting or even paper?! - why not just sew the strips into triangle shapes by eye and then trim them to the required shape? ... or better still, if one has a pile of long strips (or is cutting strips from FQs or bigger/wider bits of fabric ) why not sew a pile of strips and then cut them into the triangles? ... actually I am sure I have seen that idea somewhere before anyway ... lol

disorganised in Dunlop
... wondering if I ever will make "Sands of Time" or if it will forever be just an idea I mentioned in an e-mail and scribbled down on a bit of paper? (that is IF i now scribble the idea down on a bit of paper before I forget how I was going to do the layout/colours/etc ... lol ... actually - I just grabbed a bit of A4 paper off the printer and did that ... what I should have done was printed the relevant bits of this e-mail on the other side first ... oops )

and then, when I really should have been answering some other e-mail, of trying to find my sewing room under all the mess, I ended up messing around on the computer and drawing something up (using Paint Shop Pro, which probably isn't the best program to use for stuff like that but it is what is on the computer ... and it does have some neat effects to use after doing the hard bit of drawing something up ;-) ... so now I not only have an idea in an e-mail I posted to a yahoogroup, and scribbled on a bit of paper beside the computer - I also have this ...

now if only I had time to do it in fabric! LOL
(of course i would also like it to be bigger - this is only 9 blocks, which would take a while to make ... I probably want it to be about 25 blocks ... which will take even longer to do ... sigh)

er ... I am supposed to be somewhere shortly ... helping water some trees that were planted by the Landcare group I am in (I even planted a few of them too) ... so I had better go get ready and head off ...


  1. hi andrea, i actually really like the colours that you used in the pic of the typing quilt.....i found this same site about a year ago, and it is still one of my 'gunnados'! i have decided to give new techniques like this a go but in a small scale, like table runners.....that way i can use many of the fq's i have in the stash, without the project becoming really scrappy debbie, elf4

  2. Yes Andrea it does work..if you start with half a sandwich.iethe backing with batting on top and sew/quilt strips direct.Of course you STILL have to tidy-up the edges.........but there again,I spose you could play around and leave the edges showing on the right side as a raggedy style quilt.
    Happy New Year,from one who's still Muddled in Moodlu(remember??VBG)


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