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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

some people write in their blogs a lot more often than I do!

This person sure does - ... so much that I never seem to keep up with reading it all! (hers is one of a few I try to keep reading, because i have met them/know them, and because they write some rather interesting stuff).
I even left a comment in there yesterday ... the first half was a reply about what she had posted about and the second half was this -

" ... - I really should read it (and a few others) more often than I do ... I probably should write in mine more often than I do too! ... but I never seem to have enough time ... maybe that should be my "wisdom of the ages" thing - there is never enough time - LOL(actually I will write something a bit longer/better than that and send it in ... if I don't run out of time) ... that is after I go make myself some vegemite on toast! (yes - I feel like some after reading that post about fibre allergies - the one that ended with the bit about going to eat vegemite on toast!)"

The "wisdom of the ages" thing is something else she is doing on her blog - collecting peoples ideas about what they have learnt in life ... I e-mailed mine to her last night (very late last night - lol) I figured i may as well share it here as well ... I am not sure if it is profound, deep and meaningful, or just plain weird ... LOL
(and I can't even blame it on the vegemite on toast because I typed most of it before I went and made/ate the vegemite on toast!)

"(Some of) what I have learnt in life:
Time is a strange and elusive thing, where sometimes a second can take hours to pass, and at other times an hour can whizz by in a second. Nobody really even knows for sure what time actually IS (let alone if we will ever be able to travel in any other direction or at any other speed than forward at the same speed we do now).
Time seems to be one of the important things in life for most people - and for me there never seems to be enough of it! I always plan to do things then never seem to get there because I ran out of time, I leave things until "later" and then "later" never happens, and a lot of things always seem to take way longer than I ever thought they would.
But I am not sure the lesson should be to "do it now" and "don't procrastinate" - because I have been told those lessons years ago and still don't seem to pay any heed to them .
... maybe the lesson is that one should accept the fact that time is a fluid thing, and that we should enjoy each moment (no matter how short or long it seems) and make allowances for the fact that time seems to shrink or stretch at the most inconvenient of times - and not get too upset if we find ourself in a situation where we either have too much or too little time on our hands ...hmmm ... that seems to be another way of saying "life is what you make of it" ... LOL
Actually that is not all I have learnt in life, or even the most important thing ... I am not sure if there even IS a most important thing out of all the stuff I have learnt in life, and in my life I have learnt a LOT of stuff! (some useful, some not ... although the definition of what is useful or useless might change as time goes on ) - life is one of those strange experiences where you keep on learning - I don't think I (or most people for that matter) ever will stop learning things ... maybe the day I stop learning is the day I stop living? (or the day there is no point continuing to live ... except that I wouldn't want to die yet, in case it is just a setback and I start learning/living again ).
- Andrea,
disorganised in Dunlop"

I have written a few other strange things in the last month or two ... I might try and find time to copy a couple of those in here sometime too - nothing Earth shatteringly profound or anything - mostly just stuff about what I have been doing and why I never seem to have time to post to the yahoogroups I am on (or write in my blog) ...
I probably should stick all that other stuff in here that I keep saying I am going to (more pictures of things I have made, and other stuff) ... maybe sometime in the next week or 6 ... depends how busy I get with doing all the other stuff I need to do - like dragging almost everything out of the garage, putting in the set of drawers and the shelves that I snaffled when they ripped them out of a room that is being re-furbished at work, and then only putting about half of the junk back in ... then doing the same with my sewing room (I also got 2 cupboards .. kind of like linnen cupboards ... from the 2 science labs that are also being done up at work - and they are the perfect new home for the most of my fabric stash that kind of didn't fit on the one or 2 shelves it used to fit on before it grew so much in the last year or 2)


actually NOT up too late at the moment (but I was last night!) but I should really go have some lunch seeing it is almost getting closer to tea time!

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