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Friday, December 30, 2005

re ... I probably should have been doing something else ...

er ... this is actually a reply to a comment, but i got carried away ...
LOL @ myself

Someone left a comment on one of my recent blog entries -
this one - the quilt idea i drew up as a "virtual quilt" - she liked my colours ;-)

This is the answer I sent her - I decided to share it here as well, because i kind of got carried away and wrote a whole lot more about the idea and the possible quilt it might become -

Yes I do too ... I guess that must by why I ended up with those ones? LOL

Mine probably won't be huge either, IF I ever make it ... most of my
"gunnados" (WIMs/future possible quilts/whatever) end up staying "gunnados" for
... ages and ages (over the last few years I have had hundreds of ideas for
quilts and I have only made a few of them ... and most of those are the ones
i start making while I am still thinking up the idea!)

... I guess at least this one is more than just a scribble on paper and/or
an idea in my mind - at least now it is a "virtual quilt" LOL

The art quilters list I am on
( ) have a good idea for
trying new techniques/etc - they are doing a challenge thing where you do A4
size "calendar" quilts - you do a quilt for the month, that can be about
stuff that happened during the month or stuff you saw/like or just to try
out some idea ... and we don't have to do one every month ... we all said we
would do 6 sometime throughout 2006 ... lol

hmmm ... maybe I could do "sands of time" as a miniature and make it A4
size - LOL
(and it would kind of work for the first one now - a "time" one would be
quite apt for someone who never seems to have enough spare time even when i
actually do!)

I might even be able to find the right colour fabrics in my pile of
scraps/strips that I have been collecting (i don't throw fabric scraps out,
no matter how small ;-) ... the tiny bits too small for anything else will
possibly get used for that idea where you stick them onto fabric with
vleisofix/etc and do free motion quilting/embroidery all over the top, and
the rest might eventually end up as bear stuffing, if I ever get around to
making another bear ;-)

... trouble is - first of all I really need to finish sorting out the mess
in the garage, and sort out/re-organise my sewing room (the 2 "new" fabric
cupboards i managed to snaffle from work are still sitting under the pergola
waiting for me to make room for them, move them in, and fill them up with
fabric) ... then when that is done I should actually be able to FIND stuff
in my sewing room ... at least until I drag stuff out everywhere and make a
mess again *sigh*. Trouble is - it will probably take all of the school
holidays to do all of the sorting out, which doesn't leave time to actually
make anything ... unless i do my usual thing and start making stuff again
before I finish sorting (which is why I still have all the mess after having
started to sort it out this time last year!)

er ... I had better stop raving on and maybe go do something useful (like
have some lunch ).

I probably should copy this lot onto my blog too - if anyone else is reading
it, then they will probably want to read this stuff as well ;-)

disorganised in Dunlop
... messing around in cyberspace when I probably should be DOING some more
of that sorting out!

and now ... like I just said in that reply - I am going to go have some lunch, and then at least think about doing some of that sorting out ... (it also sort of depends on just how hot the garage is - today is a "scorcher" and the garage has 2 black metal roller doors that collect all of the morning sun!)

... and just in case i don't get back in here for a day or 2 -

Happy New Year!


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