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Friday, December 23, 2005

Season's Greetings

I got creative with a photo i took this evening ... LOL
(the green leaves and those red flowers - they just had to be a Christmas "Card" ;-)

If anyone is actually reading this - I hope you have a Merry Christmas, with lots of peace and joy and etc good things, and a happy new year too ...

(hmmm ... most kids, and a lot of adults too, seem to think Christmas is all about Santa/Father Christmas and parties and stuff, and they forget whose birthday we are actually celebrating ... )



  1. Dear Andrea,
    It is after 11.30 here and I think I had better get to bed. Church for me in the morning is at 8am - perhaps I could go in my nightie VBG. I have been playing carols today and wrapping last minute gifts for tomorrow. I love Christmas!
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow,
    Love Kay on the Gold Coast, where it is Hot and Humid.

  2. Hi Andrea and a Happy Christmas to you too. That's a lovely card....ya done good gal....I'm just waiting for our Christmas seafood feast. Thank goodness its cool enough to enjoy it today.

  3. Its a lovely card Andrea, thankyou for sharing....and a very happy and blessed Christmas to you and yours

    hugs and God bless
    Margaret M - Cockatoo

  4. Hi Andrea,
    I'm at the relaxing, have a brandy end of Christmas Day; and enjoying sharing Christmas thoughts with my scquilter friends. We attend the 11pm service locally and this year Mum can with us so that was nice.
    Enjoyed a lovely Christmas Day with just Mum and my son and tomorrow it is Open House with the rest of our kids, grandkids, and extended family and I'm seizing this moment to relax.

    I've been cross to hear people again saying "I'll be glad when Christmas is over" too often this year, and I get on my soapbox and tell them to help create the kind of Christmas they want. To show the young ones who are often stressed by the commercialism etc. that there is more, and different ways to celebrate Christmas.
    I'm with you; when the hype finishes and Christmas begins, it's very special.....
    Jenni in Adelaide

  5. Love the photo for the Christmas card. It would be nice if more adults remembered the magic of Christmas through the eyes of a child.....blessings to everyone...
    Kim Baker & family, 2005.


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