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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Illusions, and other stuff

From the strange - - a whole heap of rather interesting optical illusions (and watch out for those creepy eyes that follow your mouse cursor - LOL)

... to the absolutely ridiculous - ... cowboys herding cats!?

and ... the real reason I am posting to my blog right now (the first 2 things were from an e-mail someone on the Scquilters yahoogroup, and something I found on a blog that was "featured" on the blogger sign in page when I logged in to post this here ;-)

Someone I "know" via e-mail (another person on the Scquilters yahoogroup ;-) has a new blog, so if you are into all things textile related here is another one to look at -

and if that isn't enough textile related stuff for you - a couple of the people whose blogs I read are on this artquilters webring -;action=list
... there are quite a few interesting blogs on there - I wish I had time to read them all!

er ... where did the evening go?

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