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Sunday, January 15, 2006

this is not what it looks like ... lol

This is not a dead dog! LOL ... just a rather tired puppy who has spent an hour or 2 running around somewhere he had not been before, with people he had not met before, and come to the creek and spent half an hour or more swimming around in the creek with the kids and I ...

(I think he only had a 1minute sleep and was up and at it again ;-)

... this photo was taken almost 3 years ago - and this tired "puppy" is still very much alive ... a little while ago he was licking my elbow and making it very hard to drive the mouse! ... but at the moment he is sleeping in the passage behind me ... and he still likes to sleep in positions that are very good impersonations of "road kill" - LOL

btw ... I have just put some other puppy photos on Spot, the blog ... for those who like pictures of cute (but sopping wet and muddy:-) puppy dogs - lol (I found this photo while I was looking for more soggy doggy pictures - but this one looked a bit too disturbing to put on there ;-)

and now ... talking about a "tired puppy" - I had better go to bed before the sun comes up! LOL

goodnight ...

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