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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Something I made the other day

This is a little purse thingy I made the other day (8th January actually - the day after I made that towelling backpack)

I made it because I felt like it, but I also made it for a valid reason - Dear daughter's Scout troop are on their "Sydney trip" at the moment (the one she needed the towelling back pack for) - they left a couple of days ago ... and I made the purse because she needed a little zippered bag of some sort, because we let her take the old digital camera with her to take some photos (and so the scout leader can take some too - his camera is broken), which meant that she needed a little bag or something to put the spare memory cards and batteries in (so they don't rattle around in the bottom of her day pack and get lost or damaged) ... so I decided to make her one.

It kind of ended up being a bit more fancy than it needed to be - I was just going to grab a scrap of fabric and put a zip in it and sew it into a little bag/purse ... but I found this bit of light brownish fabric and thought about how good it would look with aqua and brown thread on it ... and decided to get fancy and do it - after all - Dear daughter doesn't need it once the trip is over, but I do need a new coin purse :-)

All that aqua thread and the sandy brown colour kind of reminds me of the sea ... I have not even been to the beach this Summer ... sigh ... maybe I should name the purse "longing for the beach" or "the beach waves at me from afar" or something like that - LOL

btw - that furry thing against the top of the purse (and under the corner of the purse) is a cat's tail! - Pixel decided that she would claim the pile of wooden shelves I had under the pergola as her own personal sleeping spot ... and it also happened to be the nearest flat shady surface I could find to put the purse on to take the photo :-)

Oh - one good thing today - I finally got around to getting those 2 "new" (second hand) cupboards into my sewing room this evening! (now I just have to sort out the rest of the piles of junk, and work out what piles of fabric to put in what cupboard/shelf and put it all there) ... to make them fit I had to move another big set of shelves to a different postition ... and to do that I had to empty them - luckily most of what was on them was in big cardboard boxes ... so - there are now big cardboard boxes stacked up all around the dining area! (next to my sewing "room" - which is actually about 1/3 of the l shaped open space that the dining area is in - it is marked as "rumpus" on the house plan ... the other 1/3 is "living" - which we use as a lounge room, to watch TV/etc) ... I kind of had to stop moving stuff around at about 9:30 or 10pm - Dear husband went to bed and moving shelves/tables/boxes/etc was going to be a bit too noisy ... so I came in here and got lost in cyberspace again :-)

eek ... where did the evening go? someone has stolen 2 or 3 hours from me! - LOL


... actually - before I go -

Uploading and adding photos doesn't take long, so I may as well add a photo of Pixel lying on "her" pile of shelves:

The purse is in this photo too ;-)

that roll of stuff behind her on the pile of shelves is actually a largeish sheet of bubble wrap (that just happened to by lying around when I needed it) with some grass/reeds/etc rolled up in it - I picked the reeds from next to a nearby dam - they were dried up dead ones, not live green ones, and the grass was mostly kangaroo grass that was lying cut on the ground where they had slashed a fire break around a grassy area where I was walking the dog the other day - I collected the grass and reeds because i thought they might be good to make a basket with - I have used stuff like that (and other plant material) to make various baskets before, and want to do some more sometime - once I get most of the sorting out done ;-)

Pixel has just lost "her" sleeping platform too - the shelves are in the cupboards now! ... I guess she will just have to find something else to sleep in/on (she already has a few places she worms her way into in my fabric/yarn/etc stash! ... and today I saw her climb in to the top of a box of fabric I have put next to where the shelves were - I better go and make sure the top bit isn't something that I don't want cat hair and dirt all over! (because it might be a day or 2 before I get the fabric from that box into it's new home)

In case you are wondering why Pixel looks so skinny and scruffy - she never used to be scruffy when she was young, but she is now rather old - we got her as a kitten just over a year before we had our son - and he has just turned 15! (the day I made the little purse actually) ... so Pixel is 16 years old!

and now it is definitely bed time!
(once I have checked what is on top in that box of fabric)


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